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Sunday, March 18, 2018


A temprolacist are prejudiced persons who judge people by their generation.  They call you out in contempt as not being able to understand because you are a Gen-X or Bi-Millenial. 

Trans-temporal / Transtemporal : A New Identity

Baby Boomer, Gen-X, Millenial?  Whatever!  A new group of people who identify as being outside their official generational designation are  "Trans-temporal".  Neither Gen-X nor Bi-Millenial (Bi-Millenial since all true millenials are dead, the most famous being Lief-Ericson, Pope Sylvester II and Aethelred II).  

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Siamesophase - Promitosis

Siamesophase is when state of the chromosome from G2 to Metaphase of motosis.

Cells undergoing mitosis are is Siamesophase from during late interphase and early mitosis (pro-motosis).

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Diseveralploid is when heptaploid or septaploid are double during motosis.  This happens just after metaphase until cytokinesis.

Finally a several root word to refer to seven, but doubled with the prefix "di."


Hatsukaploid is when decaploid cells are double during mitosis.  This happens after metaphase until cytokinesis.

The word is based upon the Japanese for for the 20th day of a month


New word to describe when octaploid or octopioid cells are double during mitosis.  This happens just after metaphase until cytokinesis.  

The word stems from ten and six, while connecting itself to the 16th state of the union Tennessee.