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Monday, October 27, 2014


First class complainers who wallow in spreading negative vibes and complaining to anyone who will listen. Based on the combination of negativity and astronaut.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Alternative Name for Triangle - The Triaderal

Better yet why not call a quadrilateral a qaudriangle? Or maybe Quadrigon?
A five sided object is can also be called a Pentalateral can also be a Pentangle?
How does maybe a Triagigon or Trigon sound for triangle?
Hexagon can also be a Hexiangle or Hexerlateral!
The famous Octagon, American Stop, Sign can also be called an Octiangle or a Octalateral!

There is the theoretical closed Biangle that only exists in high dimensions or rather the Bilateral.  Closed Biangles shapes don't exist in our universe, except for maybe Pac-Man's tunnel.

Maybe Diangle, Diagon, or Dilateral is better? Likewise there is the invisible Monoangle which can be called a Monogon or Monolateral, and you have to be in "God-Mode" to understand that. Unigon, Unilateral, and Uniangle are additional names for the Monogon.  They really do exist, more so than the Great Pumpkin.   

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Southern Circle of Sculptor

This is a special line of latitude at nearly 27.3 degrees south. It is where the Milky Way's south pole appears directly overhead from Earth's point of view.

The Northern Circle of Coma Berenice

This is a special line of latitude at 27.3 degrees north. It is where the Milky Way's north pole crosses the sky directly overhead.

The Sub-Tropic of Auriga

The "Sub-Tropic of Auriga" is a special line of latitude for the northern hemisphere. It is at this latitude, 28.9 degrees north, that our view of Milky Way's Outer Rim is directly overhead.

The Sub-Tropic of Sagittarius

The "Sub-Tropic of Sagittarius" is a new line of latitude that marks the overhead of the Milky Way's Inner Core. It is at approximately 28.9 degrees south.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unmarried Male Prefix - Mys.

Myster "Mys" is the male equivalent to Miss. Former US President from Pennsylvania would have been Mys. Buchanan, in addition to Mr. Buchanan.

Men Finally Can Get A Mrs. Label

But instead it'd be Msr. Jones. Msr meaning 'a man is married'. It is the male equivalent to Mrs. Example being, George Bush and Bill Clinton - they can use the Msr. abbreviation. Thus former US presidents can be addressed as Msr. Bush and Msr. Clinton, since they are married, in addition to the long established Mr. Bush and Mr. Clinton. In this case you can think of Msr. As meaning "Monsenior" which is now an English hijack word, in order to balance "Mrs. with Msr."

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Easy Plan To Land Humans On Mars

Step one: send lots of water, food, fuel and batteries to pre-destination spot on Mars, with ready to return home rocket. Step two: send more stuff to Phobos. This will be a natural satellite that won't decay in orbit anytime soon. Step three: send people when everything is all ready to go! Could have been done ten years ago.

Why Didn't They Park Old Space Stations On The Moon?

It cost so much money to get it up there, why couldn't they park Mir and Skylab on the moon and jam it with spare parts? Future Generations would have been grateful.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


When three tables at a restaurant all leave at once or right after eachother, like magic. And they don't know eachother. You can feel the pull away to leave at once.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Queucinicity - New WORD

The uncanny phenomena of people to line up at the same time. All US store clerks should be aware of this phenomena. The word is based on queue.


A type of coincidence when you park another car parks next to and mirrors what you do. If you organize stuff in your car the person next you does the same. If you get out they get out.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hollywood Grand Slam - Defined

Like baseball, when a player gets a Grand Slam they score four points.  As for a good movie it must hit four points as well. 

1. Tell and Exciting Story that Stirs the Heart - FIRST BASE
2. A movie that sends message causes the public to change its mind - SECOND BASE
3. Educate or be based on a True Story, without making too many exaggerations - THIRD BASE
4. Be Financially Secure - a block busters that generates an abundance of Righteous Wealth - HOME RUN

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Topps Olympic Cards

Imagine holding a set of Olympic athlete cards? Why aren't they more popular? Good idea for winter Olympics and world cups too!

Don't you wish you had an original 1984 Mary Lou Olympic Card?   And make it like a Pokemon-Magic the gathering kind of game! Flags of nations. Medal Count. Special Key moments cards! How much would a Tonya Harding card be worth?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

United Forty Eight - United 48 States of America - the Main Land Body of USA

United Forty Eight is a better term to describe the Lower 48, because the Lower 48 are north of Hawaii.  Likewise the Contiguous 48 sounds weird.  Rarely do people use the word contiguous, unless they are in a math class. Furthermore United conserves the word United from the United States of America.  Additionally new states may be added, broken up or move away. Thus 48 is not a certain number.

 Fun Fodder for Mathematical Biology Brains

Lower 48 is a biased point of view taken from Alaska.  What about Hawaii?  From Hawaii's point of view Lower 48 makes no sense and is rather illogical.

Also if you use the term Lower 48 does that make Alaska the Upper 1?  Likewise Hawaii becomes the Lower 1?

Thus useful acronyms-nick names for Alaska would be UO or UOS meaning Upper One or Upper One State.  You could even call Alaska: the UBO - Upper Big One or the ULO - Upper Larger One.

Thus Hawaii becomes the LO or LOS meaning the Lower One or Lower One State.
 You could even call Hawaii the LLO - the Lower Little One or SLO - Small Lower/Little One.

Nonetheless the UOS and LOS are still apart of the USA but out side the LFE - Lower Forty-Eight. 

But since most teachers and geographers are hung up on Lower Forty-Eight that makes the Mainland 48 boarder to boarder states the LFE or by my suggestion the UFA.

Unless Washington DC becomes a state, then you'd have to change the acronym to UFN or LFN, since it would now be the United Forty-Nine or Lower Forty-Nine.

But  take Hawaii's consideration, UFN and UFE can still be used but U will now mean Upper instead of United.

But most Haiwaiians call the US and Alaska the Mainland so it opens up the acronym for:

MFE  = Mainland Forty-Eight
MUS = Mainland United/Upper States

But if your stuck on Contiguous 48 then feel free to use the term CFE, or in the event that Washington DC becomes a state: CFN - Contiguous 49. 

It's very unlikely but a state may drop out and we'd have the CFS meaning Contiguous Forty-Seven, or LFS or UFS or CFS (Lower Forty-Seven or United Forty-Seven or Contiguous Forty-Seven, respectively)

Whatever you decide to call the current united body of 48 states (which includes DC) as the CFE, LFE, or UFE, they are all a part of the USA.

But.... Lower Forty-Eight makes sense since Alaska is the tallest state after all?


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunshine Tax - It's comming soon to govenment near you!

The congressional Ways and Means Committee has written a new law that will tax sunshine.

Basically the new satellites launched in 2013 were installed with facial and body movement recognition tracking applications that can determine who is who on a beach or ski resort.  If an individual citizen spends more than two hours per week at the beach a 200 dollar tax will be deducted from your tax return or added.  Every hour spent past the two hour weekly allowance will accrue another 300 dollar tax.

Only certain high value entertainment recreational places like beaches, ski resorts, skate boarding parks, and state & national parks, will have this stiff penalty.  Exempt from this tax are most outdoor athletic fields. But the sunshine tax will apply to private property as well.  Citizens will be allowed a 10 hour allowance per month during the winter to maintain their properties and 15 hours per month during the summer, spring, and fall months. The private property personal sunshine tax will be determined by a ratio of property value times a set fixed percentage between 3-8 percent as decided by the local government. 

Sites exempt from the sunshine tax include roads, golf courses, private yachts, registered sports arenas - except when hosting musical and artistic events - in those cases the tax allowance will accrue double time, and 10 miles off the coastline.

Representative Graham of New Jersey said, "Feel free to play and run outside when it's cloudy or raining.  But when there is sun, be mindful of your time." New Cell phones manufactured after 2015 will be required to have industry standard biogenic tracking software and a solar monitor application that will let users know how much sunshine they have left before sunshine taxes start to accrue. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Metabolic Cohesion - New Word

Metabolic Cohesion:

Metabolic cohesion is a state of matter when it fits the initial guidelines of being 'alive.'  Life from a biological perspective is an arbitrary division, based upon a baised rubric of perception.  Life is more than just a cell or a single animal.

Matter itself has natural tendency to organize itself into complex patterns. 

Essentially the organizational principal of crystals and matter is a reflection of the life force.  However, the objective precepts of what is living and not living has over come the full perception of what is to be alive.

Snowflakes exhibit a basic Metabolic Cohesion are key examples of the life force innate in matter and within in the atom.  As snowflakes have predictable level of behavior, so do plants, animals, and people depending on their stage of life.

The modern drawing of an arbitrary line of what is life and not life is short sighted.  Life like matter only transforms, and the higher levels of life beyond the five sense are also a part of this formula that objective perception is unable to tally, and unfortunately dismisses.

You can perceive the life principal in matter when looking unto the sky full of stars or happy clouds.  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Geographic Area - Friendship-lane

Friendship-lane includes Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.


The Mideast is the natural counter balance to the Midwest. The states that make up the Mideast include Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Some include Colorado and Kansas.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Teeter-tolley Lane - a new geographic region

Teeter-tolly Lane includes Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico because they teeter between two oceanic watersheds - the Pacific and Atlantic.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, and introducing Devil and Love

An expansion based upon the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock as introduced at large to the public.  In this case the two new items are Love and the Devil.   Using the sign language love gesture and Illuminati Devil sign. Love looks like hang loose symbol but with index finger expanded.

New rules for Love to win
1. Love beats the Devil, period.
2. Uhura's Love overcomes Spock.
3. Love gets carved into a Rock.

New rules for Love to loose
4. Lizard People ignore Love.
5. Scissors cuts a heart (love) in two.
6. Dear John letter (paper) breaks a love bond

New rules for Devil to win
7. Devil controls the Lizard People.
8. Devil uses a paper to write a mean message.
9. Devil runs with Scissors to hurt people.

New rules for Devil to loose
10. Spock's Logic outwits the Devil
11. Rock and Roll blocks the Devil's negative power
12. Love beats the Devil, period.

The addition of Love and the Devil reduces the chances from the original 1/3 with Rock, Paper, Scissors to 1/7.  This game is an additional level of complexity based on the game created by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla. The seven hand gestures make up Heptagon which is basically seven overlapped Star Trek icons.

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Gender Balancing Term: MANMADE = WOMANWILLED

Womanwilled objects have been around for a long time.  The sparkly footflops are a womanwilled object.  What is your favorite womanwilled object?  Correction fluid or paintings?  Most archeologists agree that the wheel and axel is a womanwilled object, and so most likely written language.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


When you get cut off speaking by a sound, or another person when you about to speak. Sometimes a bark or door slam will cut you off or bleep out what you are saying.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Misinterwave - NEW WORD DEFINED

The MISINTERWAVE happens when you see somebody wave at you but the person was actually waving at someone else. Usually afterwards you feel silly. It is derived from the words Miss, Interception and wave.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

C-NATO - The Original NATO organization proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1754

It was around the 4th of July in 1754 when several colonies met in Albany to discuss the formation of a defensive network against the French and Natives as led by James DeLancy.  It was unanimously approved by all the members of first Pre-US Congress.  However the local colonial assemblies rejected this plan and the COLONIAL-NORTH-AMERICAN-TREATY-ORGANIZATION (C-NATO) became a fun colonial footnote.

The only memorable concept to come out of US Congress B.C. (B.C. meaning Before the Constitution) was the symbol of the rattlesnake by Benjamin Franklin, that would later become a symbol of the United States with the Gadsden Flag, or rather Franklin Flag.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

NEW WORD: Copysnot Scar

Copysnot scars occur when videos are pulled or censored due to apparent or slight copyright violations. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Afterglow Points of Memory I & II

This is another point of a kind of biological memory based upon the transient four month period when a woman is pregnant.  A few months before our mothers are born, we are in cellular communion with our maternal grandmother.  It is a phase when three generations overlap on a cellular level.

Thus we have a kind of distant cell-to-cell biological memory extending to the first cell that formed in our maternal grandmother.  Basically our cells have a strange connection to one of our great great great grandmothers - the great great great grandmother up the female line only.  

This is similar to the Echo Points of Biological Memory, but that memory is based upon the existence of our first cell.  The Afterglow Points of Cellular Memory are based upon the cellular line of our maternal great great great grandmother. 

The basis of this idea stems from when our cells were alive and connected to our grandmother, and when our maternal grandmother's first cell was in cellular communion with her maternal grandmother.

An example will be helpful, lets use the current US President.  Barack H. Obama's Afterglow Points of Cellular Memory reach back to 1834, before the US Civil War.

Note that Afterglow Points of Memory deals with the time period before our first cell formed on the planet. Yet is extended because of the triple phase of cell-to-cell being for the four month period before birth.

The First Afterglow Point of Cellular Memory for Barack Obama goes back to 1869.  Because his  great great grandmother Margret Belle Wright was born in July 26, 1869 under then US President Ulysses S. Grant.

The Second Afterglow Point of Cellular Memory for Barack Obama goes back to 1834.  Because his great great great grandmother Frances Anne Wright was born on March 1, 1834 under then President Andrew Jackson.

So you might be thinking how does this make sense?  With any new idea, its something you'll have to chew on.  Basically since Obama's first cell was in cell-to-cell contact with his maternal grandma, from a certain point of view Obama was a conjoined part of Madelyn.  He was a small living part of Madelyn way back in 1942.  

Madelyn's cells are special because they had cell-to-cell contact with Barack Obama and cell-to-cell contact with Margaret Belle Wright McCurry.  Grandmothers are a special kind of cellular medium, making cellular contact two generations down and two generations up.

Be careful when reading this post, because you could slip into the infinite spin of things and your mind will jump the details. 

Essentially memories fade from the world, but there are points on the calendar where we can pin point when certain changes take place at quantum crossroads. 

I guess this explains a little of why Grammies are special. 

The Echo Points of Biological Memory I & II

The Echo Points of Biological Memory are based upon the transient triple organism state when a woman is pregnant.  For about four months before delivery a pregnant women carries the next generation and the one after that.  This is due to the fact that a female baby in the womb also carries the cells of the next generation.

With that perspective the age of memory extends back in two stages.  The First Echo Point of Biological Memory extends back to when ones maternal grandmother was in the womb.

The Second Echo Point of Biological Memory extends back to when your maternal grandmother's first cell arrived on planet earth.

Remember four months before anyone is born they are united by three generations in one body, thus in effect one organism.

A great illustration is with US President Barack H. Obama.  Mr. Obama's triple phase period lasted from about June 29, 1942 until November 29, 1942, because that is when his first cell was united to his mother and maternal grandmother: Stanley-Anne and Madelyn.

Since Barack Obama's first cell was in cellular communion with Madelyn Lee Payne, Obama has a connection to her and a kind of biological memory rights that go back to 1897, when William McKinley was the US President.

The first Echo Point of Biological Memory runs though his mother which dates to her first triple phase period which ran from about June 26, 1922 unto October 26, 1922.

The second Echo Point of Biological Memory runs through his maternal grandmother which dates to her first triple phase period which ran from about February 7, 1897 until May 7, 1897.

The Triple Genesis Phase of Human Beings

The triple genesis phase of humans occurs during the last four months of pregnancy. Because this is when your cells are united with your maternal grandmother and mother.   Every human goes through this process at least once.  Basically if you are a guy you only get to experience this once.  But if you are female it all depends.  It depends on how many daughters you have.

It is during the last four months of a normal pregnancy that three generations coexist as one organism on a biological level. But only when a mom is pregnant with a girl.

A great example we can pick on is the current US President - Barack H. Obama.  In the summer of 1942 his maternal grandmother Madelyn was pregnant with Anne and within Anne was the first cell of Barack.  So from about June 29, 1942 until November 29, 1942 Barack H. Obama was in his triplet phase form united in body on a cellular level to his mother and grandmother.

So what?  Well it gives Obama an Echo of Biological Memory extending back to the 1800s. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New names for American Football

Man War Ball, Wrestlemania Ball, Feetball, Smash Ball, Ram Ball, Tackle Ball....because football is less than accurate. And soccer should be called football or leg ball.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shadospitill - new word

A new word - sniglet - when people follow a rope and rattle off an extra fact that is not requested. When many people mention Elbridge Gerry, they act like Sheldon Cooper and tell you the origin of gerrymandered. Although. Nobody asked to know about it the person has an automatic urge to tell everyone about it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Oldest Living Biological Memory

The 'Oldest Living Biological Memory' is based upon the oldest living person and whose mother had a later in life pregnancy.  Although this person is not the officially born oldest, speaking from a biological cellular point of view, their cell may have formed on this planet much earlier than the oldest person on the planet.

We do not know who has the 'Oldest Living Biological Memory' but famous contenders for this title include: Stan Lee, Louise Ranier or Kirk Douglas.  It is possible that the man on the five dollar bill was president when their first cell formed,  and that president would have been Abraham Lincoln.

Improbably, but not impossible.  Certainly someone on this planet had their first cell form during the Lincoln Administration.

The Echo of Community Biological Memory - Equation

The 'Echo of the Oldest Communal Biological Memory' is based upon two variables: 'the oldest record of a person' plus the age of the 'oldest woman to have a child.'

Right now this equation, approximately, puts our communal oldest living memory from 180 years ago, using the 120 years as the oldest person and 60 as the oldest mother to give birth naturally.

Thus the echo of cellular memory reaches back to when Andrew Jackson was the US President and Abraham Lincoln was in his 20s, King William the IV was King of England, Russia was ruled by Czar Nicholas the I, and emperor's ruled the earth.  In 1834 Emperor Ninko ruled Japan, China was ruled by Emperor Daoguang, and Mahmud II was the Sultan of three continents.

Cellular Genearation Defined

Usually to be considered a part of another person's generation you have to be born within a 12 year time window of that person, more or less.  But the formation of the egg a person 'hatched' out of is a factor to consider.

Remember that all the eggs a woman carries in her life form a few months before she is born.  What this means is that a Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomer may be from different generations but they can be of the same cellular generation. 

If their mothers were born in the same month and year, then that means all of their first cells formed at nearly the same time of the year.
Perhaps the oldest most famous example is the King of Siam/Thailand and the Queen of England/Great Britain.  Both of their eggs formed in the year 1900.  Coincidentally both their first cells are at zero points of genesis.

Biological Genearation - defined

What specifically is the dividing line of a generation?  Most people use cultural moments in history.  If you can remember Pearl Harbor, JFK getting shot, the Landing of the Moon, before the Internet, etc... as dividing lines to a generation.

It is very liquid and non-specific kind of marker and not always fixed.  Thus anyone born before the 1980s can remember growing up before the Internet.  People born in between 1984 and 1894 are all a part of the B.T.I generation - Before the Internet.

Some people use the average length of childhood to mark a generation.  Basically if another person was not able to have been your father or mother; and you were not able to have been their mother or father; then that person is a part of your generation.

With that biological definition of generation, a person born approximately 12 years older or younger is a part of your 'Biological Generation.'

If you were born in between 1948 to 1973 then you are a part of Barack Obama's Biological Generation
If you were born in between 1918 to 1943 then you are a part of Will Shatner's Biological Generation
If you were born in between 1982 to 2007 then you are a part of Justin Beiber's Biological Generation
If you were born in between 1938 to 1952 then you are a part of John Lennin's Biological Generation

....whichever generation you fit into, that means that man could not have been your father, nor could you have been their father or mother.  

'Cellular Time Twins' - brothers and sisters of the same mother

Reason being the first cells to compose their body formed at the same time.  As long as they have the same mother, it does not matter who their father is, their first cells to arrive on planet earth come into existence at nearly the same time.  Although you have a brother or sister who is 20 years younger, if you have the same mom, your cell line is the same age.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

'Twisted Time-Twins'

A new word/concept related to a juxtaposition of birth order. When two people are closely related by a particular criteria - usually marriage, work, or other association and have two different genesis orders. One is born after the other from the womb, yet the younger's first cell is older than the other. Examples include: Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton, Leonard Nimoy/William Shatner, Barack Obama/Michelle Obama, David Letterman/Jay Leno, and Jimmy Carter/George H Bush.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Leonard Nimoy will turn 109, while William Shatner will turn 106 this year!

How? Because the first cell that became Leonard Nimoy appeared in this galaxy in the year 1905.  What so special about 1905?  That was the year his mother (Dora Spinner 1905-1987) was born, subsequently the first distinct cell of Spock, oops I mean Leonard Nimoy, to exist appeared under President Teddy Roosevelt.

While William Shatner will turn 106 due to the same reasoning.  The first cell that became the corporeal body of the destined to be famous Captain Kirk, formed in this solar system in the year 1908.  Although this cell (egg) would have to wait 23 years when the other half joined it and became William Shatner.  Thus Shatner was born under Canadian Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier.

The groovy twist is that by conventional means William Shatner is older than Leonary Nimoy by four days, since they were both born in 1931.  However measured from a cellular level, Nimoy is three years older than Shatner!

How is that for a fun Star Trek Fact!!!

Sounds like science fiction?  Nope, it's science fact!

But every once and a while, using the cellular point of view, it happens every so often that a father is younger than his children.

How?  The simple rule is: if you are a man and your mother is younger than your wife, then all your children from your older than mom wife are older than you, on a cellular level.

Max von Sydow will turn 122 this year

Because the first cell that was to become Max von Sydow appeared on Earth in the year 1892, when Benjamin Harrison was elected president.

Angela Lansbury will turn 119 this year

From a cellular point of view, that is.  The first cell that was to compose the body of Angela Lansbury appeared on our planet in the year 1895 during the reign of Queen Victoria, under then US President Grover Cleveland. 

This is due to the fact that her mother Monya Macgill was born in 1895

Dick van Dyke

Mother was born in 1896, thus the first cell of Dick Van Dyke appeared on earth 1896.  That means that the body of Dick Van Dyke has lived in three centuries - the 1800s, the 1900s, and the 2000s.

The cell line of Dick Van Dyke will turn 118 this year.

Shirley Temple will turn 121 in the year 2014

When you factor in a biological factor.  What factor?  The fact that the first cell to become a new human appears on planet earth within the womb of an unborn, mother to be.  Basically Shirley Temple's mother was born July 15, 1893.  Subsequently we can estimate when the first cell to become our famous Shirley Temple arrived in this universe - about five months before Shirley Temple's mom. 

Therefore the first cell which became Shirley formed during the either Grover Cleveland or Benjamin Harrison Administration.  Believe it or not!

Don Rickles will turn 113 in the year 2014

Because his mother was born in 1901, thus Mr. Tickles, oops I mean Don Rickles first cell on earth appeared in 1901 as well.

The Current Emperor of Japan Akihito was born during the Reign of Emperor Meiji

Speaking of course from a strict biological perspective.  The first cell of a new human that is different from the parental generation appears when the mother, destined to be, is still in the womb.

Therefore, the first biological cell of the current Emperor of Japan - Akihito - appeared most likely in 1902.  Reason being, because his mother, Empress Kojun, was born in March 6, 1903 when Teddy Roosevelt was President. 

Remember that after three to four months after fertilization, and if the embryo is female, the eggs of the next generation appear before birth. 

What this means in the big picture, from a cellular point of view, Akihito was born during the Year of the Tiger.  Also note the Emperor of Japan in 1902/1903 was Emperor Meiji.

Think about that!  


A whole number ratio kite that is reflective of pythgorus' theorem. A four sided kite when split down the longer middle makes two pathapazoids. The most basic Kitrazoid has a 3-3-4-4 ratio perimeter, with the long diagonal from the 3-3 corner to the 4-4 corner being 5.

Another has a whole number ratio of 5-5-11-11, with the long diagonal from the 5-5 to 11-11 corner being 13.

Essentially a Kitrazoid belongs in the 'Right Kite' family of quadrilaterals, but the difference is that the perimeter is a whole number ratio of numbers.

Thus a Kirtazoid is a kind of magical real number ratio object.   The sides of a quadrilateral are usually ignored, only the square and rhombus get special attention because their sides are an equal ratio of 1:1:1:1.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

David Letterman will turn 93 in 2014, while Jay Leno will hit 103

Biologically speaking from a cellular level. Funny thing is his 'rival' Jay Leno will turn 103 from this perspective.

To review, the first cell that becomes a new human appears within the womb of the womb of the maternal grandmother.  Jay Leno's mother is was born in 1911, while David Letterman's mom was born in 1921.

By conventional means David Letterman is older than Jay Leno by three years.  Dave was born in 1947 but Jay was born in 1950.  But Jay's egg formed 10 years before Dave.  Wierd but true!

The Oldest British Royal of the House of Peers is Geoffery Alexander Rowley-Conwy 9th Baron Langford

This gentleman will turn from a biological point of view 134 years old this year in 2014.  Reason being the first cell that becomes a human forms when it is still in the womb of the maternal grandmother. 

Thus the cell to become Geoffery Alexander Rowley-Conwy 9th Baron Langford was created during the rein of Queen Victoria.  Reason being his mother, Bertha Gabrielle Cochran Justice of the Peace, was born in the year 1880.  Subsequently his royal egg formed in 1880 under most likely Prime Minster Benjamin Disraeli or William Gladstone.

Nancy Reagan is over 120 years old!

Speaking from a cellular perspective, that is! 

The first cell distinct from the parent to offspring, appears while a fetus is in the womb.  Since Nancy Reagan's mother was born on July 16, 1888 there is no doubt the egg that the former first lady came out of formed in the year 1888.  Nancy Reagan's mother, Edith Luckett Davish, was born under present Grover Cleveland.  Thus Nancy Reagan's first cell appeared on our planet sometime in the early spring of 1888. 

What this means is, that Nancy Reagan on one biological level will turn 126 years old in the year 2014!!

No joke!

Who is older Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton?

From a factual biological level, Hillary Rodham Clinton is much older than William Jefferson Blythe III.  This fact is due to the biological phenomena of the egg forming within the womb of the fetus before it is born.

Thus Hillary will turn  95 years old in 2014, since her mother, Dorthy Howell Rodham, was born in 1919.  Bill will only turn 91, since his mother, Virginia Clinton Kelly, was born in 1923. 

By normal convention Bill Clinton is older than Hillary by one year, yet by cellular convention Hillary is older than Bill by four years.

It's rare, but every so often a senior girl in high school will date a freshman.   

And even stranger fact if you are a woman, and your husband's mother is younger than yourself, and you have children with this man - that means the children are older than their father.  Speaking of course from a cellular point of view.

The Oldest President is Jimmy Carter....

George H. Bush you might think?  Yes and no, it depends on what you define as the birth date.

When you factor in some slightly obscure biological information.  From a cellular point of view Jimmy Carter's first cell appeared sometime in the spring of 1898.  Reason being, that is when his mother was born and a when a woman is still in the womb, the first cells of the next generation also appear as eggs.

Thus from a cellular point of view in the year 2014 James Carter will turn 116 years old...
George H. Bush will turn 113 years old...
Bill Clinton will turn 91 years old...
George W. Bush will turn 89 years old...

Neat thing is that by conventional means, George H. Bush is older than Jimmy Carter by five months, since both former one term presidents were born in 1924.  However, Jimmy Carter is three years older on a cellular level.

By amazing coincidence, George W. Bush is older than Bill Clinton by one month on a conventional definition.  Both two term presidents were born in 1946.  However, Bill Clinton is two years older than the younger Bush on a cellular level.

Just for kicks - Ronald Reagan was biologically born on a cellular level under President Chester Allen Arthur in 1883.  This was before Dr. Pepper was invented.   Dr. Pepper was invented in 1885. 

Queen Elizabeth the II will turn 114 this year in 2014

From a biological cellular level, the first cell of Queen Elizabeth to manifest in this cosmos, appeared in the year 1900.   This is due to the fact her mother was born in 1900.  It is hard to say exactly when, but current reigning Queen Alexandra Mary Elizabeth II will turn 114 years in 2014.

The neat thing is that the King of Siam, Bhumibol Adulyadej, is Queen Elizabeth's Cellular Temporal Siamese Twin.  Reason being both of these first of Royal Cells arrived on planet Earth in the same year - 1900.  King Bhumibol Adulyadej's mother, Srinagarindra, was born in 1900.   Note that Queen Elizabeth is a few months older.

 Also note Joan Rivers is also a part of the group, since her mother Meyer C. Molinsky was born December 7, 1900. 

Gallon Gal

Gallon Gal is essentially Gallon man but a girl with a ten gallon hat.

Zsa Zsa Gabor will turn 118 years old in 2014

Biologically speaking on a cellular level, because the first cell to become a person forms inside ones maternal grandmother. Zsa Zsa's mom was born in 1896.

Biologically Speaking Betty White is over 100 years old right now in 2014

The first cell to become Betty White arrived on planet earth at least 10 years before she was born!

Since her mother, Tess White, was born in 1899 that means that Betty White will turn 115 years old this year.

Why!? Because the first cell to become a new human appears in the mothers womb, while mom is her mothers womb.  Strange but true. 


Even stranger!  There are times when the cells of the children may be older than the fathers cells.  This happens if a woman has children with a man, whose mothers is younger than herself.   

Biologically Speaking Beonce will turn 60 this year in 2014

This a based on scientific fact, the fact that the first cell to become a person forms a few months before a girl is born.  Her mother was born in 1954, thus on a cellular level Beonce will turn 60 in 2014.

Biologically Speaking Oprah Winfrey will turn 78 years old this year!

Since here mother, Vernita Lee, was born in 1935. 

Biologically Speaking on a cellular level - Justin Beiber is 37 years old

Because...his mother was born in 1976!

Speaking from a cellular point of view he was born under the Year of the Dragon! 

George Washington's first cell was created in 1708

So in cellular years, the first President of the United States lived 91 years.  Why?  Because the first cell that becomes a person forms in the maternal grandmothers womb.
Basically when George Washington's mother (Mary Ball Washington) was in the womb of her mother in 1708, the egg of Washington appeared in this universe. 

Thus, when George Washington's maternal grandmother was pregnant with Mary Ball Washington, the first cell of George Washington appeared, oddly as it may sound inside of Grandma. 

That is why pregnant women are so magical, they carry the next and 'next next' generation - about five months after they get prego. 

The first cell of Barack Obama was created in 1942

This is due to the fact that all the eggs a woman carries form while still in the womb.  Since Barack Hussein Obama's mother was born on November 29, 1942, our current president's first biological cell distinct from the parental generation was created some time in the Spring or Summer of 1942.

Although Obama was born in 1961 under the Year of the Ox, his first cell was created under the Year of the Horse.  So it seems that in 2014 Obama will get some positive feminine energy or something like that when the Year of the Horse officially starts next month!

Here is the really neat part in relation to his wife - Michelle Obama, the current first lady of the United States of America.  Although she is officially three years younger - she was born three years afterwards in 1964 - Michelle Obama's first cell arrived on planet earth before Barack Obama's first cell.

(PAUSE- you'll probably have to read this a few times)

That's right Michelle Obama, biologically speaking on a cellular level, is five years older than her husband - Barack H. Obama!  Michell's mother was born in 1937

Odd, but true.....So you may be thinking, 'When was my first cell created?'  The answer is most likely three to four months before your mother was born, and that is a scientific fact. 

Long story short - cellularly speaking Barack Obama will turn 72 this year while Michelle Obama will turn 77.

The First Cell of Benjamin Franklin was created in 1667

Believe it or not, the first cell that became you was created a few months before your mother was born.  Since Benjamin Franklin's mother was born on August 15, 1667.  It is a scientific fact that the egg that Mr. Franklin 'hatched' out of formed upon this earth sometime in the Late Winter/Early Spring of 1667.   What this means is that Benjamin Franklin's first cell was created under the Year of the Sheep/Goat.

Interesting side note is that Charles the II was the reigning King of the American Colonies.  And Mr. Franklin's adopted colony of Pennsylvania was yet to be created, as this area was a still part of the Dutch Empire in 1667. 

Given this perspective, Benjamin Franklin lived for 123 years.