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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Editing the English Language Key Board!

I have a few improvements for the key board. The space bar is a waste of space.

Are you a left thumbed space bar user or right thumber? Right now type something and watch (or rather just think) which thumb hits the space bar more? Maybe you are ambi-thumberous?

Well I wish they could split up the space bar into more than one key! Imagine the left side space bar taking up the backspace function. I don't like it that the 'backspace' key is way out by pinky land, it slows me down. You could even have the middle part of the space bar made into the delete key! And for people who are stuck on a big space bar then give them the option of setting the keyboard to that configuration.

Also they need to put four keys below the space bar - the arrow keys! It'd be so much more easier to type, unless you are a pick and pecker.

Also the Windows control icon needs to be moved. I have hit it too many times, and the computer goes nuts. If you have a control panel key, put it somewhere else!!!! Or at least give us the option of turning it off or putting it on another key?

I wish users could configure their own keyboard, like they do with video games!

Also why don't pre-installed web cams come with an eye lid. Why must must the machine always be looking at you? Maybe there is another reason?

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