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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Did you ever notice the Orange Blue Yin Yang Colour Haze?

I noticed this in the real world.  You can see the 'an orange/blue yin yang' haze around open windows.  IF you look hard and long enough.  But I have also noticed in my computer scans.  It's appears like a magnetic life force haze around objects.

It'd make an great Sci-story lead, as to why it happens.  My science teachers never gave me a good answer nor did they ever notice.

It's never red, green, yellow, pink, black, purple or any other color.  I've seen it not only in computer world but in the real visual world.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

The School District Olympics

Why not have Olympic Games that build on local community spirit?  It'd be a field day for students in a school district.  Basically each township would be a team.  Or if the school district is composed of only one or two townships then it would divide up the neighborhoods by local community or directional borders - north, south east, west, central. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Yucky people who are also nutty. Uncle Geoff is a total yucknut because he likes to stick his finger in his but and make little kids smell it by saying "Hey kids smell my finger because it smells like strawberries" and he farts in the faces of cats and dogs.

Biogenic Super Clone - an advanced species

This organism is basically an interconnected super organism something like an ant colony but is an interlinked humanoid that is in constant cerebral control without the need for technological connections. Basically imagine a cloned person of 10000 clones with a biological apparatus that connects them as one as is the case is cell theory. It is something like the Borg yet without any technology. This would make a great Star Trek episode. Perhaps some day a few of our ancestors will become super biogenic corporate beings? They could easily clone themselves in different forms and if they choose to combine sexually with another super biogenic clone it'd be weird. Regular humans will seem like plain old bacteria. In many ways nation-states are already primitive forms of heterogeneous biogenic super clones. Normal people would assume that an individual biogenic clone as an individual, but in reality they would all be one super organism. With its own emergent mode of consciousness or a caste of 'cells/people' who act like a central nervous system or central leader caste. We are well on our way to becoming such a form of life.