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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Symbol for 2003 AZ84 or 208996 Plutino - Dwarf Planet Eleos

Another member of the Pluto family known as a Plutino.  Eleos is a small planet that orbits the sun every 247 Years.  The symbol is similar to Pluto but it is a complete sphere or disc.  Eleos was the Goddess of Pity, Mercy, and Compassion.

Symbol for 2013 FY27

Eupheme is another planet that is standing at Semi-Dwarf Planet Status.  Rotates around the sun at about 456 years. 

Symbol for 2002 MS4, 307261 Trans-Neptunian Object Homonoia

Since we have Eris making everything all bullocks, its time for a counterbalance.  Thus the "Dwarf Planet" 2002 MS4 is needed, aka Homonoia.  Homonoia is the natural balance to the pain in the arse of Eris.  This planet has a 271 Year rotation.  Since it's a part of Pluto's family it gets a modified Pluto symbol.  So if Eris is making you sweat, just look at the bright side of Homonoia, or rather Planet Harmony.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Astrological Symbol for Orcus and Pluto

These planets are in sync and like Yin and Yang.  In this case Pluto is Yang, while Orcus is Yin.  Which do you prefer?  Which would you rather be a pop star or a secret agent?  Guess which is symbolized by which.  Basically the planetary symbol of Orcus is reversed since it is on the opposite phase of Pluto, yet follows a similar orbit.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Super Spring Forward Day,Starting MAY 1, 2016

A member of Congress has just penned a bill to spring the clocks further an extra hour strating next year in 2016. Basically since days are longer, big business wants to make good use of the sunlight to increase business worker productivity. HR.2016l5G718 Spring into Action Bill has nearly unanimous support. This bill will ensure that workers get up one hour before it's daybreak. A bipartisan task force concluded that workers should be held to the standard that workers should be working from "dusk to dawn". Steve Graham, an expert on labor affairs, said, "workers should arrive at work while is still dark, since workers sleeping in while the sun is three hand lengths above the horizon is an abomination and leads to slacking and has negative effects on workplace morale. We need to maintain our first place ranking in the worker marketplace." If this bill passes all workers should be prepared to set their clocks further forward an extra hour on May 1st, then on the day after Labor Day will workers will be able too fall back one hour for regular daylight savings time.