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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Affirmative Action for Black Friday!

Black Friday? Black Tuesday? What about all the other colors of the rainbow?

Why not give all the days of Thanksgiving Week a color? Start the Christmas Shopping season with Green Monday. Here is the marketing slogan - save some green on Green Monday. Pay with cash and get up to 25 percent off! Then on Red Tuesday have a real red tag sale and all red coloured items are up to 30 percent off using credit! Then on Yellow Wednesday every thing that is yellow is on sale! Then on Brown Thursday a box of brownies and save 40% on all gas purchases, so people can drive to mall and spend more. On Orange Saturday - everyone to the supermarket!!! Free OJ!!! Limit two liters per visit per 20 purchase.

Gobble Gobble, Spend Spend

Why does X-Box make the font so freaking small?

Hey X-box makers, please give uses the option of making the text larger! We all don't have big screen TVs. It's kinda' of impossible to read the text, most of the time!

Universal Language? Esparanto? No! Try Sign Language!

Sign Language is the key for an international language. Forget Esperanto! Besides sign language is quiet and useful in certain situations like underwater and opens the rift between deaf and non-deaf people. Made up international spoken languages paint people into corners and are more susceptible to mutation and you will always run into a group of people who can't make certain sounds! The hand would be the virtual-visual tongue.

The sign for dog in Russian, Chinese, English, Arabic, and Spanish would be the same!

Instead of trying to build a new language with grammar rules and such - sign language would be easier and abates many grammar rules. Think about it - build on the original language instead of coming up with new grammar and pronunciation rules which only confuse the brain.

Think about the middle finger, thumbs up, and peace sign?

A proposal for a standard metric pronunciation of English?

Potato vs Potatoe, Soda vs Pop, Colour vs Color,

English is a very irrational language. A few years ago there was a 'joking' call for a standard spelling system called Euro-English, due to the inherent disorder found in English.

Even Ben Franklin tried to invent a few new letters to make spelling more easy. He was on to something...but everyone laughed at his idea.

Aussies, South Bound Yanks, Canadians, Scottish, and Kiwis have they own way of sayin' words - it'd be easier to leave the spelling alone and come up with auxiliary way of reading a word no matter how you spell it! It'd be the Metric English Pronunciation.

Thus color or colour dosen't matter - but when pronounced with Metric English rules you'd know how it was spelled since Metric English Pronunciations would account for the difference!

Call me crazy, but it's easier than trying to make a society alter their spelling methods. I once met an Canadian who threatened my life for my 'American Spelling' of humor with out the U.