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Monday, October 27, 2014


First class complainers who wallow in spreading negative vibes and complaining to anyone who will listen. Based on the combination of negativity and astronaut.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Alternative Name for Triangle - The Triaderal

Better yet why not call a quadrilateral a qaudriangle? Or maybe Quadrigon?
A five sided object is can also be called a Pentalateral can also be a Pentangle?
How does maybe a Triagigon or Trigon sound for triangle?
Hexagon can also be a Hexiangle or Hexerlateral!
The famous Octagon, American Stop, Sign can also be called an Octiangle or a Octalateral!

There is the theoretical closed Biangle that only exists in high dimensions or rather the Bilateral.  Closed Biangles shapes don't exist in our universe, except for maybe Pac-Man's tunnel.

Maybe Diangle, Diagon, or Dilateral is better? Likewise there is the invisible Monoangle which can be called a Monogon or Monolateral, and you have to be in "God-Mode" to understand that. Unigon, Unilateral, and Uniangle are additional names for the Monogon.  They really do exist, more so than the Great Pumpkin.