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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


A great way to raise money for charity. This game is sort of like all stars game but have the players dressed in comic book hero attire. For charity, fun and during the Christmas break.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Racist Blood Cells - O TYPE

Think of blood type as being like skin colour. O blood type is racist because it only like other O types. Any other skin cell membrane type will be attacked and rejected. Thus AB+ is the total hippy all loving skin cell membrane type because it will accept all the blood cell race types and not get angry with an immune reaction.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forever stamp with date and value

Forever stamps are nice but they should issue the year and price of the stamp on it. Maybe write it out in cursive with the year issued.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lilac Sky

Sort of like a vanilla sky but when it has violet-purple tone to it.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Did you ever notice the Orange Blue Yin Yang Colour Haze?

I noticed this in the real world.  You can see the 'an orange/blue yin yang' haze around open windows.  IF you look hard and long enough.  But I have also noticed in my computer scans.  It's appears like a magnetic life force haze around objects.

It'd make an great Sci-story lead, as to why it happens.  My science teachers never gave me a good answer nor did they ever notice.

It's never red, green, yellow, pink, black, purple or any other color.  I've seen it not only in computer world but in the real visual world.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

The School District Olympics

Why not have Olympic Games that build on local community spirit?  It'd be a field day for students in a school district.  Basically each township would be a team.  Or if the school district is composed of only one or two townships then it would divide up the neighborhoods by local community or directional borders - north, south east, west, central. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Yucky people who are also nutty. Uncle Geoff is a total yucknut because he likes to stick his finger in his but and make little kids smell it by saying "Hey kids smell my finger because it smells like strawberries" and he farts in the faces of cats and dogs.

Biogenic Super Clone - an advanced species

This organism is basically an interconnected super organism something like an ant colony but is an interlinked humanoid that is in constant cerebral control without the need for technological connections. Basically imagine a cloned person of 10000 clones with a biological apparatus that connects them as one as is the case is cell theory. It is something like the Borg yet without any technology. This would make a great Star Trek episode. Perhaps some day a few of our ancestors will become super biogenic corporate beings? They could easily clone themselves in different forms and if they choose to combine sexually with another super biogenic clone it'd be weird. Regular humans will seem like plain old bacteria. In many ways nation-states are already primitive forms of heterogeneous biogenic super clones. Normal people would assume that an individual biogenic clone as an individual, but in reality they would all be one super organism. With its own emergent mode of consciousness or a caste of 'cells/people' who act like a central nervous system or central leader caste. We are well on our way to becoming such a form of life.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trickle Up Economics

Trickle up economics is when low income workers are given a wage that is above the consumer price index. The result is that more people have money to spend that eventually increases the income of corporations and CEOs. Jobs jobs jobs? What about the consumer price index/cost of living allowance?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Universal Shoppers Card

Consumers are getting fed up with carrying multiple shopper saver marketing cards. Its become a real pain in the ass for everyone. So the invention of 2013 should be a programmable universal shopping

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Children usually spell with a logical mind but wacky irrational English corrupts that system

Adults awftin laf aat chiljren wen they spell lyk this. Yung kidz haav kuum tu Erth to mayk iit mor harmoneeus but the krapy iraashunul rulz mayk iit difikult. Eevin Benjamin Franklin chryd tu uundu thuu ubsurd rulz uuf speling.

Which nation or nations will fist put a man or woman on an asteroid?

Asteroids are closer to Earth than you think! Maybe China, Japan, Russia, USA or the EU? There are several near Earth asteroids waiting for somebody to put a flag in it! How about landing on anyone of our 'part time moons' :

Avalon Asteroid 2002 AA29
Earth's Trojan Asteroid - 2010 TK7
Vulcan 2002 VE68

(published at Abington, Township PA)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NASA should send a probe to Phobos and Deimos

Why? A Yankee Nutmegger from America discovered these moons. A European discovered a moon of Titan - subsequently Europeans put a lander on it. Thus NASA should a.s.a.p. - send two probes towards Mars. One to land of Phobos and the other for Deimos.

Get on it JPL!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Top Gun 2 - made in 1990

Did you ever 'Swede' a Hollywood Blockbuster?

This may very well be the first 'Sweded' film of Top Gun II - 1990. Found this one in the attic from 1990. It was filmed in Newtown, PA Bucks county on an Easter Sunday.


A perfect and better match of flag twins just like wit Santorum. If they team up they will fraternal invisible flag power. Only this combo can balance Obama and Biden's alpha and omega power via Delaware and Hawaii the first and last official states. With boosts of PA and IL - Land of Lincoln + Original capital state. Romney McDonnell trumps Romney Santorum.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum 2012

The winning karmic ticket. PA & MI + VA & MA = MATCH TWINS. Southern & Northern values. A Mormon and a Catholic team up - La + Ut bonus! We are not trying to defeat Obama but rather Lead America. "LEADING AMERICA, ROMNEY & SANTORUM 2012" Bob McDonnell matches in sync the imprint too. Thus he is a better match. ROMNEY MCDONNELL 2012 has a better ring. Otherwise Donkey Power!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Keeping a maiden - mitochondrial - name in the family : WOMEN ONLY

The last name accidentally traces the Y chromosome in English last naming rights. To balance the gender equation women should carry their own last name that traces the genetic material of the mitochondria!

Basically we would have four names

1. First Name - what people call you now, stays the same as it is

2. Middle Name - whatever, stays the same

3. Last Name - passed down from father to children. Women still loose their father's last name and gain the name of their husband. This name maintains the ethnic heritage of the Y chormosome, works just like is does now. Women loose it because they can't pass down a Y chromosome to the next generation.

4. Second Last Name (or some other term) - passed down from mother to children. Men and Women inherit this name from their mother. Like a regular last name men must change it when they get married because they can not pass down any mitochondrial DNA to the next generation. It keeps intact the heritage of the life force organelle - THE MATERNAL MITOCHONDRIAL DNA. It's a girls only club with humans.

That being said if women want to create a Second Last Name to trace their Mother Life Force DNA, they should get their DNA tested to see where approximately where their maternal heritage stems from and choose a 'second last name' that fits it!

Finally women get the same 'last naming' power as men do! If man wants to keep his maternal-mitochondrial name he can, but he can not pass it down to the next generation.

Do you know the 'ethnic' origin of your mitochondrial DNA? In case you forgot the mitochondria is responsible for making energy from food you eat!

It is the heart of the cell that produces in effect - a life force. The great thing is, only women are allowed to give this gift to the next generation. With a 'second last name' this knowledge can be preserved.


Question#1: Why should boys inherit this name if only going to be passed down by the girls? Isn't it just a moot waste of time for men?

Answer to Question#1: Since names relates to ethnic origins, wouldn't the boys be happy to know where their life force organelle comes from? It will remind they they are not just their father but also of their mother. I'm sure they'd be proud of their Irish, German, or whatever life force energy they carry in their cells. Also having to loose and get a new second last name, brings balance and harmony to marriage. It is a reasonable manner as when girls loose their 'Y-Chromosome' name. It links the two family lines not under one roof but two! This method sustains tradition and adds a new one. It does not cut anyone off. Rather it builds a bridge between the genders that maintains a dominant word for women as well as men - as balanced partners.

PS DO NOT CALL THIS SECOND LAST NAME, THE MATERNAL NAME, it'll just be too confusing! But I'm open to suggestions! I really do hope a woman can choose it! Second Last Name sounds silly.

Newcomer American, Native American and Nuative American - respectful balance for Native American

Newcomer American: a definition

Persons who do not have Native American roots should be called Newcomer Americans - those of us with Asian, Australia, African, European and would be Antarctic ethnic roots yet born in the America.

But if you have a heritage to the Americans and some other continent they you are 'Nuative American.' Thus the Mexican and Metis people are 'Nuative Americans,' since they have part of their line in Old World and part in the New World.

Bobby McDonald is 1/4 white unknown, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Scott-Irish, 1/8 German, 1/16 Dutch, and 1/16 Cherokee. Even though he is only 1/16 Cherokee he is 'Nuative American,' Bobby McDonald has blood ancestors from the Old World and New World.

Jenifer Lopez is Nuative American - since they have ancestors who are 'Native Americans' and some from Europe.

Regarding Cheech and Chong, Cheech is Nautive American because Mexicans are mixed old world and new world. But Chong is a pure Newcomer American because his mom is Chinese and dad is Irish-Canadian.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stump your teachers and parents - What is the largest internal state of the USA?

By large I mean land area and it musn't have an international border? NEVADA! What is the smallest internal state? WEST VIRGINIA!

It is time to Expand the traditional Deck of Cards - STARS and HORSESHOES

They say that some people don't have a full deck of cards. But did you ever think that some are playing with an extra set of cards?

It is time to expand the deck of cards to two new suits!


Stars rank higher than Aces, but lucky Horseshoes are the top dog! It brings new meaning to "counting your lucky stars" literally and figuratively. Stars and Horseshoes are universal symbols of luck.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh no! It's Tuesday the 10th

Friday the 13th is just around the corner!

Oh no! It's Thursday the 5th

This is the foreshadowing of Friday the 13th.

Oh no! It's Monday the 9th

That means Friday the 13 is coming this week!

Oh no! It's Wednesday the Fourth

So that means a Friday the 13th is coming up!

Oh no it's Friday the 6th!

That means next week will be Friday the 13th! So what does it mean? I don't know but post it here if you know.

Oh no it's Saturday the Seventh

Which means next week is Friday the 13th. Sunday the 7th is the complete opposite - a day of luck.

Oh no it's Sunday the First

Prepare because when this day comes it'll be Friday 13th in 13 days!

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Jersey is the True Keystone State!

Pennsylvania a Keystone State? Maybe but Pennsylvania is not a state, officially speaking.

Pennsylvania is a commonwealth.

In between the North and the South? Yes, but New Jersey has a more dynamic reach.

New Jersey is at latitude with the Mother of all Southern States - Virginia, and the Father of all Northern States - Massachusetts. Pennsylvania is only on par with Massachusetts. New Jersey is at equal latitude with all of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, while the southern point of NJ is on par with Alexandria, Virginia. Thus New Jersey is the only original colony state (and not a commonwealth) at both extremes, unlike Pennsylvania.

Rather Keystone Commonwealth fits better for Pennsylvania. Thus New Jersey is the true Keystone State of the original 13 colonies in between the North and the South.

Social Era & Technology Reservations

Wouldn't it be nice if a few states had heritage reservations where the development of technology is set to a time frame?

The Amish do a wonderful job keeping it old fashioned, but it'd be nice to see 1770s , 1860, 1900, 1950s, 1970 the size of a township or two.

It is good to preserve the old ways because you'll never know when that kind of knowing will be handy.

Also these limited technological counties could be a real tourist draw.

Of course it would not be illegal to have modern technology but only for emergencies. There are plenty of people who wouldn't mind living in the 1950s or 1800s with horses and all.

It doesn't have to match exactly but wouldn't it be nice?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Higgs Boson Existence on the 4th of July?

The discovery of the Higgs Bogon on the 4th of July is providence. The Providence Particle makes much more sense that the God Particle, because of the connotations.

Dreams of two suns and five asteroids like Mars in alignment, and a great lightning storm!

Wikipedia first source 1:14pm

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2021 the countdown to 500 years of an officially awoken Global Civilization

A Global Civilization because of the internet? NOT!

Their are many ways to dice it but it has been nearly 500 years - or rather 491 to be exact - since mankind circumnavigated the earth in 1521 thanks to Portugal and Mr. Magellan.

APRIL 26, 2021

2012 - nine
2013 - eight
2014 - seven
2015 - six
2016 - five
2017 - four
2018 - three
2019 - two
2020 - one
2021 - zero

Why April 26, 2021? You can click here or try to figure it out on your own.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Smigger & Smogger

Definiton- A person who smokes tobacco. The funny comedian Dennis Leary is a unrepentant smigger.A smogger is someone who smokes cannabis. Cheech and Chong are two famous smoggers.A person who does both is a smoigger.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bruce Willis & LeVar Burton should make a movie

Better than Richard & Gene, Mel & Danny, Paul & Stevie - it will be the best salt & pepper team in a long time. Willis and Jacking are nice but aside aside. But both Burton and Willis were born in West Germany - same year - in a nation that was created by hate and destroyed by love. The mixing of their karma and all American smiles will kick the shit out of the world.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Did you know humans have two hearts?

The main heart is the command center for Red Blood Cells. The other heart is command center of White Blood Cells - the spleen.

The red blood cell heart is the nexus of the circulatory system that delivers nutrients and gasses.

But the white blood cell heart is the nexus of the another diffuse circulatory system - the lymphatic network. The White Blood Cell heart does not pump fluids. But you can think of it as the 'pentagon' of the human body has access to emergency to an reserve corps of Red Blood Cells if needed in an emergency like FEMA. Most importantly you can think of it as being high tech security center that trains White Blood Cells and Antibodies to attack intruders.

Regular Red Blood Cell Heart with four chambers is for the enlisted blood cells and the spleen is for the officers.

Internet Shout-tout

Internet or You tube or face book should have shout option for positive feed back. Ex if you want to join likes in a shout out for Batman 2012 click here and a program does a funky dance.

2027 the Age of Chiron II

Chiron the 'dwarf planet' was discovered in 1977 and has a 50 year period orbit. Thus in the year 2027 we enter the Second age of Chiron II. Medical advances on all fronts - mind, body, spirit, soul, faith, and heart.

We'll have a union-synergy of Western, Eastern, Tribal, and Mystical medicine.

Countdown to Pluto Epoch 2

In the year 2178 we enter Epoch of Pluto 2

The best party in our solar system will be on Pluto in 2178 - be there or be square!

Monday, June 18, 2012

LeVar Burton - Generation X+, X-, and X'

LeVar Burton has three avatars created in Hollywood Land, that are locked to three different states of mind. Depending upon which part of Generation X you would have grown up with him to three different forms.

Generation X+ sees him in the light of Kunta Kinte (with a connection to the distant past)

Generation X' sees him as Reading Rainbow Man (planted here in the now as himself)

Generation X- sees him as Geordi Laforge (with a connection to the distant future)

How do you see him first and foremost? Most of the Americans over the age of 40 with the older part of Generation X (GENERATION X-PLUS) sees him as Kunta Kinte. The core leaders of Gen X+ are kids who watched roots just before they hit their teens. Gen X+ is pure and made 'first perception' with LeVar when Roots ran for the first time.

However most Americans under the age of 30 think Star Trek and Geordi Laforge. This group includes the younger portion of Generation X (GENERATION X-MINUS) plus Generation I (I is for Internet). The core leaders of Gen X- only grew up with Geordi before they hit their teens.

The smallest group in between ages 30 & 40 see him as he is - Uncle LeVar Burton - aka Reading Rainbow Man: this is Generation X-prime. But you don't have to take my word for it - ask someone! The core leaders of Gen X' watched Reading Rainbow before Star Trek the Next Generation and were ignorant of Roots.


Did you get happy as a kid when you heard the opening theme?

the double primes

Gen X+', Gen X+-
Gen X'+, Gen X'-
Gen X-+, Gen X-'

Generation X plus prime

= grew up during the Original Roots Phenomena but made 'first perception' of LeVar via Reading Rainbow.

Generation X plus minus
= grew up when Roots took a front seat in the Media but made 'first perception' of LeVar via Star Trek the Next Generation

Generation X prime plus
= grew up after the Roots Phenomena but before Star Trek the Next Generation and made 'first perception' of LeVar as Kunta Kinte

Generation X prime minus
= grew up before Star Trek the Next Generation and after Roots and made 'first perception' of LeVar as Geordi Laforge


Generation X minus plus
= grew up when Star Trek the Next Generation was current but had 'first perception' of LeVar in a Roots rerun

Generation X minus prime
= grew up when Star Trek the Next Generation was fresh but made 'first perception' with LeVar as reading rainbow host

FINALLY THE Double Minus
'some people should be kept in the dark'
Generation X+--
Generation X plus minus minus, grew up during Roots but never saw it and don't know who LeVar Burton is

Generation X'--
Generation X prime minus minus, grew up inbetween Roots and STNG but never made contact with LeVar and don't know who he is

Generation X ---
Generation minus minus minus, grew up during the Star Trek the Next Generation but never saw it and don't know who LeVar is

Generation X minus minus people could be Amish, Mennonite, Fundamentalist & Religiously home schooled, extreme liberal or conservative, hippie commune children, grew up in orphanages or on the street, had over bearing parents, weren't allowed to watch TV, etc...

It is important to never force or judge a Generation X minus minus into knowing about our watching a TV show or film about LeVar Burton. Some people are never meant to know. "First Perception" will come naturally if it supposed to. It may seem sad that some of Generation X will never enjoy Reading Rainbow, Star Trek the Next Generation, or Roots and that is okay.

You really have to live through a phenomena to feel and know it. The majority of American Generations today have never felt the 60s or 50s. They may have gotten a sniff of them in movies, music and TV but that is totally artificial. But children can feel it from their elders if they 'hang out' with them.

Synchronicity Illustrated

image source


A new name for soccer.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Would be state abbreviations for American Far Out Islands

Abbreviation Jarvis Island = JA Baker Island = BI Howland Island = HW Navassa = NS Wake Island = WK Kingman Reef = KR Palmyra Atoll = PY Johnston Island = JO Midway = MW

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New American Holiday - Mars Week - August 11 to August 18

Asaph Hall
An American who discovered two new worlds

August 12 is Diemos Day while August 18 is Phobos Day. These are holidays commemorating the discovery of the moons of Mars.

Why a holiday? Because an American discovered them - Asaph Hall from Connecticut, 101 years after the Declaration of Independence.

Mars Week 2012 starts on Sunday, August 12 unto Saturday August 18. We don't know who discovered Mars first - it belongs to all civilizations, but we do know that Yankee Nutmegger discovered the moons first!

How to celebrate?

THINK:Mars Flags, Movies, Coloured green popcorn, Pictures, Stories, Costumes, Spaceships, Comics, Dancing, Green Body Paint, Lazer Shows!

And of course poems and plays in honor of Asaph Hall!

A new holiday Februray 18 - Plutoday

Pluto was discovered February 18, 1930. Lets call it a holiday. It'd be an American Holiday since an American discovered Pluto!

New Holiday Neptunzday - September 23

In honor of our most officially 'outer planet' we should have a holiday for scientists with college degrees. Since it was discovered on September 23, 1846 - Neptunzday!

New Holiday - March 25 is Titanday

In honor of the discovery of Titan! March 25, 1655.

It should be a national holiday in the Netherlands.

We should rename March 13 as Uranus Day or Uranuzday

Since it was discovered March 13, 1781. It is the American Revolution Planet so to speak!

Countdown to 2020 or 2021 Sea Lab Movie

We will have a Sea Lab 2020 movie in the year 2020! Here is the first count down!


2012 - eight
2013 - seven
2014 - six
2015 - five
2016 - four
2017 - three
2018 - two
2019 - one
2020 - zero!

figure is approximate plus or minus a few days

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Far North and Far South

Far North - Lapland, Russian Newfoundland and Svalbard.

Far South - Falkland Islands and South Shetland Islands.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Schyroonmyl the Tie-Dye Dragon

Schyroonmyl Dragon

Schyroonmyl eats your weapons and poos them into annoying randomly coloured bats. Hidden hippie-like dragon in Adventure for Atari 1979.

Peychyrtle the Patriotic Dragon

Camuflgyl the Camoflauge Dragon

Jyrafril the Giraffe like Dragon from Adventure

Eurorica the Dwarf continent or sub-continent

To consider Greenland as a continent - the name Eurorica fits best. Amerurope doesn't roll off the tongue so well. Subsequently Iceland would be a part of Eurorica since it's closer to this continent more than to Europe and North America. Also many of the northern islands of Nunavut can be included in this definition.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lost Castles and Dragons in Adventure 1979 for Atari?

We need a retro-reboot of Adventure!

But more castles, dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, monsters!!!!

With 70s music, interactive play and mind tripping mazes.

Adventure for Atari 2600 in 1979 was a head of the game universe.

It is a classic. And fun to play, but there was never an excellent sequel.

The time has come, Adventure is long long over due. Adventure II with the original Atari Mod is coming in 2013!

The Teal Castle

The Red Castle

The Purple Castle

The Green Castle

The Grey Castle

The Brown Castle

The Blue Castle

The Orange Castle

The Zebra Castle

Dragons, Dragons and more Dragons!!!!!!!
Adventure II

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Greenland is a Euro-American Island

Greenland's south-western shoreline is closer to the continent of North America but its eastern shore is closer to Europe. Thus this island is 'Euro-America,' with a heavy tilt towards America, and like Europe it has land due north of Africa. Basically Greenland has one foot in the 'Old World' and another in the 'New World.'



The Dividing Line of North and South America in the Caribbean

For some strange reason most geographers classify all or most of the islands in the Caribbean as North America. However many islands and nations are right next to South America! Trinidad is much closer to South America yet North America bogarts all the islands. After doing some geographical research - from a linear point of view the south eastern half of the Caribbean Islands should be classified as South America.

Here is the dividing line:

The Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands are closest to North America - thus a part of North America.

Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican) and all islands south and east of it are closest to South America. Thus Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands (US&UK), Antigua & Barbuda, All of Dutch American Indies, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and finally Trinidad and Tobago are all geographically speaking a part of South America.

But Turks and Caicos are geographically in between. One would think that they should be a natural extension of the Bahamas but the great coincidence is that Turks is closer to South America as is a tiny portion of of Caicos.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alien to Human as to Human to Chimp

Humans probably cant see Aliens because they don't perceive them as such. Example a human that tries to be nice to a wild or domesticaed gorilla or chimp is looking for trouble. He or she will get their face ripped off. Even if that human brings food and medical aid for the chimp.

Most apes are worried about being alpha and dominating a strange like clothed ape. The ape's mind can't reach the human mind level but only for brief periods.

Most humans are too are like apes because of ego status - is me or my team winning!?

I make more money than them-you, I can bench more than you, I smarter, my team is winning, I have more friends and money. Status, status, status. Me strong-right-better you weak-stupid.Man has limited linear line thought definition of what an alien should be.

Most men are not open or capable of perceiving an alien as of yet. Like the apes in the jungle man and woman can get obsessed even with things even with ideas. "I am going to win and dominate" is the manamal instinct.Man would be like psychic vampire or funny pet to alien.

Monday, May 28, 2012


That magical and mysterious time before a legend or mystery is discovered. It is the mystery that gets people interested. Before the discovery of gorillas and chimpanzees there was a lot of wondergence of such a man like creature. After they apes were brought into mainstream existence the mystery was gone. Like before we knee what was on Mars or Venus in the 1800s. There was a grand level of wondergence about these planets until we found out there are lifeless rocks. Right now the last frontier in our solarsystem to be in the era of wondergence is The deaf planet Ceres.

Pens and Pencils are the most powerful wands on earth

George Lucas fan film Alliance

Ever since Hardware War Lucas and 20th Century Fox has been sitting on a gold mine that is being mined by others.

Mr. Lucas you should make an arrangement where fan based film, literature, art, and music can register with Lucasfilm to make a profit.

A 55/45 Lucas/Fan split seems fair.

You'd make money by simply registering fan work under different classes - cannon, alt reality, other, etc...

Hey Corporate shareholders at 20th Century! You can make money with a simple wave of a graphite/ink wand.

Where does the Red Brick road go?

From the Wizard of Oz there are two pathways - the Yellow Brick Road and the Red Brick Road. We see that the Yellow Brick road was fine, but how about the Red Brick Road?

Fitzpatrick fun

Fitzrickpat patfitzrick rickfitzpat

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make Leap Day on Leap Year a public Holiday!

We get an extra day every four years! The holiday can be centered on frogs. No school or work on the next leap day/year February 29, 2016. Who doesn't like Kermit?For all you work-a-holics make a day if prayer and fasting. The rest of us can have fun.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Australia-Oceania? No! It should be...

Australia-Pacificus! Because Oceania currently bogarts the term ocean for the Pacific Ocean only. Islands in the Atlantic and Indian are a part of the entire Oceania of Earth.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Melaka vs Moluccass

Why does this naming thing happen.

Barents or Bering?

Geography has that funny I cant help it yin Yang tongue tempo. The coincidence is that they are at opposite shores of Russia.

Novaya Zemiya is basically Newfoundland

Or rather Newfoundland is English for Novaya Zemiya.

Which parts of the USA are geographically Asia?

Wake Island, most of the Northern Marianas and the western islands of Alaska. They are all islands and closer to Asia than America. This makes Alaska geographically speaking Amerasian.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Middle America - continental definition

The mainland parts of North and South America that overlap directly due north-south. Chile, Peru, New Jersey, and DC are a part of Middle America.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

The USA has land attached to how many continents?

Geographically speaking - four. North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. Most of the US is on North America. Puerto Rico, Navassa, and the US Virgin Islands are officially a part of North America but geographically closer to South America. The eastern most islands of Alaska are closer to Asia as is Wake Island and most of the Northern Marianas. Howland, Baker, Guam, American Samoa and a wee portion of the southern Northern Marianas are closest to the Australian mainland. You can also add Antarctica but that is unofficial - but no doubt the USA will one day lay claim to parts. The USA has no part within a geographic reach of Europe nor Africa.

Puerto Rico should be classified as South America

Puerto Rico is closer to South America - as are the US Virgin Islands and Navassa.

The Far South

The Far North

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A call for domestic Olympics at the sub-federal level in all nations

Lets get those flags a waving. Imagine what it do to the economy?

Domestic Olympics for the Russian Federal subjects?

Domestic Olympics for the 47 prefectures of Japan?

Domestic Olympics for 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories?

The Human Spirit is as old as the Shark and Dolphin Spirit

A great myopic point of view is to say that man evolved a few million years ago.

It needs refinement, or at least more detail.

All living species are exactly the same age. However some species have undergone a more dynamic change. Some have a lot of generations while others have less.

Most sharks, snakes, bacteria and worms have undergone little change. On the other hand humans, dolphins, cats, and dogs have undergone a lot of change. But all living lines of species are exactly the same age.

The human physical form may be new but our spirit line is as ancient and as the turtles.

"All living life is the same age, millions and millions of years old, from a certain point of view," as O-bi Wan would say.

The Far West vs The Far East

With the term Far East, that means there should be a 'Far West.' It would include Ireland, UK, Portugal and Spain.

India is the True Middle East

...and the traditional Middle East is actually the Middle West. First of all like Europe and most western nations - they all trace their religion and ways of thinking to Western Asia.

You can think of England, Ireland, and Portugal as being the 'Far West.'

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Planet of the Roos

Imagine a world where kangaroos learned to use tools, develop language, and tell jokes?It make a great comedic satire.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Britain looks like a Rabbit

Painting yourself into mind corner

Gosh we didn't see that coming. Oceania implies ocean but excludes the Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern. Why does the Pacific get dibs only on ocean? Shouldn't the oceans be considered Oceania? Not Fair!NEW WORDPYOURTMINDER

Ever notice the switcheroo with U and V on public buildings?

Its never covered in class or game shows.


Anyhow here are examples:
Vnited States of America can be abbreviated VSA.
Vtah is where the Mormons are.
The Vniverese is big.
Vranvs is the only plant aligned with the Milky Way's galactic disc.
Yov are a good person.


Self righteous spelling and grammar people.


Used like affect or effect. It is a mergent word to safe guard against fundamentalist grammernistas.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indonesia has two islands shaped like a star fish

East America - a sub-continent

The eastern regions of the South American continent that are not due south of the North American continent. The most western point of East America is determined by the furthest eastern point of Labrador.Most of Brazil and Uruguay are a part of East America.

West America - a sub continent

A geographic definition:It is the western portion of North America that does not overlap with South America. If you travel due south of this region of North America you will not hit South America instead you'll hit open ocean and then Antarctica.California, Mexico, Minnesota and Alaska are a part of West America. No part of the South American mainland is due south of these places.

What five parts of the USA are geographically a part of the Australian Continent?

American Samoa, Guam, Baker Island, Howland Island, and the southern most island of the Northern Mariana Islands - Rota.

All of these islands are closer to the continent of Australia than to mainland Asia or either America.

American Samoa is even down under - below the equator.
Hawaii is a good guess but itself closer to the continent of North America.

And remember! America even has a grand population of marsupials after all - the opossums. They come in over 60 flavors (species).

Finally Jarvis Island is down under - below the equator - and geographically closest to the continent of North America.

What America doesn't have are the egg laying mammals like the platypus and echidna. But we do parthenogenic (no males needed for reproduction) lizards! Something of science fiction that is not fiction - remember Enemy Mine 1985?

I guess parthenogenic lizards are distantly related to the mythical Dragon?

Every High School student should have a Micro class at least two times

8-12 students maybe 10th and grade 12.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Repeated News that is linked to the media's or public desire to enjoy hot button semi-taboo material. Obsessive news reporting on gossipy stories has become the accepted norm for some channels. The first American Scandltainment blockbuster involved OJ Simpson. The next big media hit was involved president Clinton. Every county has its own scandltainment industry. In Indonesia its leader was involved in its own Scandltainment issue in 1999.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Duck Duck Chicken

The kids hold on to their ankles with their hands during the chase.

Duck Duck Flamingo

Kids chase each other on one foot.

Duck Duck Kangaroo

Chase each other with a hop.

Duck Duck Eagle - a Modified version of Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Eagle is played like Duck Duck Goose. But there is a slight difference.

Instead of saying 'GOOSE' when a person is chosen for the chase, you are supposed to say 'EAGLE.'

But the chosen person (EAGLE) does not start chasing the chooser right away. The 'EAGLE' is supposed to stand up and point the person across the circle sitting down and choose them as the 'BEAGLE' by saying 'BEAGLE.'

The the kid who originally chose the 'EAGLE' is supposed to walk around the circle and hi-five the BEAGLE and say 'EAGLE-BEAGLE' as their hands meet. The 'BEAGLE' stays put, that kid only serves as the starting point for the chase.

Now the chase can begin! And from either side - clockwise or counterclockwise.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maryland looks like a dragon's head

When you rotate it 90 degrees. DC is the eyeball and the western PA/West VA are the horns.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A symbol for element 119 - Q

Why not? It already exists in mind and in space time. It's about time for a Q element. For all things q, open your mind beyond the linear.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Virtual Exchange Student Program

Try it, the limit would be time zones of course. VR robostudents anyone? Eastern Time Zones exchanges can work with Caribbean and South America. Central time zones can work well with central America. Pacific and Mountain have to buddy up with Mexico and Canada. But it doens't have to international, I'd recommend flag twin states to buddy up. Alaska can also team up with New Zealand.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trigger on X-Box is on the wrong finger

And why don't they have buttons for the ring and pinky? The 1990s are over. Buttons for each finger please, I feel like I'm in the stone age. Same for the PlayStation!

Big Island - Hawaii - needs a new name

Hawaii is redundant and big island is too basic. 1.Ohaii. (oh ha ee) 2. Hagrandi (ha grand dee) 3. Obigii (oh big ee) 4. Hawaii'i (Hawaii ee) 5.Ha'isle 6. Hogrande 7. Waha'ii 8. Owahii

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Omega Time Zone

Let's add one more time zone for the region of Alaska that is East of the International Date Line and include Howland and Baker Island in it. It will give the US the last word of each day. Minus 13 hours GMT

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012


A schmalaxy is a heavenly body that orbits a galaxy yet does not qualify as a galaxy. Examples of our Milky Way Schmalaxies are: Canis Major Dwarf, Large Magellanic Cloud, Booted Dwarf, Virgo Stellar Stream, and Omega Centauri. You can think of them as being moons of a galaxy. One of our nearest foreign Schmalaxies is Andromeda II which is gravitationally bound to Andromeda. The neat thing about this alien non-Milkian Schmalaxy is that it is closer to us than our own Leo A Schmalaxy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

1 million dollar idea - chocolate rabbit turds for Easter

For ages 9 to 25.

The Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday Hour

It's actually 2 hours long. GMT 10am to 12pm. Due to Kiribati's jump the gun 2+ time zones.

In 2054 Roman and Greek Orthodox Churches will Reunite

Best chance yet!

A day on Earth lasts 50 hours

Officially speaking a day on Earth lasts 50 hours when you take into consideration of time zones. The catch is that for a single time zone it only lasts 24 hours. And that there is an overlap of time zones. In fact for a short two hours each day on Earth it is simultaneously today, tomorrow, and yesterday. The nation of Kiribati stretches the range of time zones an extra 2 hours - giving the Earth a total range of 26 hours. Time is a relative thing of course. What this means is that somewhere on earth chances are your birthday has a little wiggle room.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chevy Chase can replace Bill Murray for Ghostbusters 3

We love Bill, but he'd rather be golfing. Make Ghostbusters III without him. But try to write the script where you can later edit or CGI him in? But if not Mr. Murray then Chevy Chase!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Evolution of the flower Poinsettia Lesson

The poinsettia is basically a primitive flower.

Happy Belated Neptune 2

For more than a year we have been in Neptune 2 since 2010.

Neptune is the natural human living memory moment planet. Whereby information and knowledge is naturally passed down in living from the oldest living great grandparent unto the youngest great grandchild. Thus any personal knowledge felt and passed on by a human experience in 1846 has been lost. Basically 164 years after a historical event, the memory of a living witness will forgotten. Thus in the year 2165 people will have totally forgotten the bitter-sweet bite of 9/11. Likewise in 2029 the living human to human sense of the US Civil War be lost to paper, picture and media only. The last memory-embers of the US Civil War will burn out in 2029.

Remember the Maine or get emotionally? Or any grand tragedies from the 1600s, 1500s or 1400s?

Thus after one year on Neptune all considerations and witness will be gone. Interestingly most copyright laws follow a one year cycle of Neptune of 164 years - which is a human lifetime plus two or three generations.

So in the Second Era of Neptune you'll able to copy and make money on movies made up till now have made in first Era of Neptune! Unless the creator somehow has been cybernetically advanced to live more than 164 years - since some copyrights last a lifetime. Who knows? In the Second Era of Neptune people will certainly be able to figure out how to live longer than 164 years!

2115 will certainly be a groovy year.

ERA OF NEPTUNE I : 1846-2010

ERA OF NEPTUNE II: 2015-2175
- Magic and science seem no different from a Neptune I point of view. Thus angels, aliens, holograms, humans, and AI can easily confuse each other.
- Video Games are soon to overtake free time dollars more so than the NFL, Hollywood, or Music Industry. Rather they will all be integrated into one brainwave interactive magical experience.

- The human form is shed or mixed molecule by molecule into a complex biologically-computer-AI integrated organism. Humans no longer 'look' human from a Neptune I point of view. But 'humans' will be able to take vacations all around the solar system.

- Jeeze what a wonderful world!

ERA OF NEPTUNE V: 2505-2669
- Wow all the big questions in history are revealed?

ERA OF NEPTUNE VI: 2669-2834
- It must be nice, I bet the Martians have forgotten their Earthling Heritage. Likewise many Americans have forgotten their Old World traditions.

- With all the aliens visiting earth, who knew they were already here!

- I hope modern art is more interesting or at least more educational by now.
- We can visit other galaxies, no probrobelemo

In the year 2033, a new age?

We enter the fourth cycle of Uranus.

Why? When Uranus was Discovered we entered the first Age of Uranus - URANUS I - which saw the Birth of the United States of America in 1781. Uranus has about an 84 year cycle. Thus...

URANUS AGE II was the year 1865
The US CIVIL War was over. HEY HUMANS!!! Sorry, but you can't own people anymore becuase of their ethnic heritage nor purchase their children.

URANUS AGE III was the year 1949
WWII was over. HEY HUMANS!!! Sorry, but you cant kill off a race, religion, or ethnic just because they don't see things your way.

URANUS AGE IV will be the year 2033

What do you think will change?

With this pattern a great war may start in 2029 with new bio-tech human cybernetic technologies? So if the pattern fits the USA will lead the world into a new age by 2033.

2012 - twenty one
2013 - twenty
2014 - nineteen
2015 - eighteen
2016 - seventeen
2017 - sixteen
2018 - fifteen
2019 - fourteen
2020 - thirteen
2021 - twelve
2022 - eleven
2023 - ten
2024 - nine
2025 - eight
2026 - seven
2027 - six
2028 - five
2029 - four
2030 - three
2031 - two
2032 - one

A.I. and Robocop people replace humans as dominant species by 2033?
Pure humans have to live on human-manimal reservations and can only leave their zone with robot-cyborg escort.

In 2118 our grandchildren enter the fifth cycle - URANUS AGE V.


By the way Uranus is not tilted on its side - rather the rest of our solar system is out of tilt. We are out of tilt with the galactic disc. Somehow Uranus is charged or synchronized to aid in 'psychic' travel around the Milky Way. The other seven to fifteen planets are mostly out of alignment with the Milky Way Parkway, so to speak or is it Drive Way?

To put your mind on a Uranian Frequency think about these modern koans or something....
Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a park way?

Why do Americans insist on calling football soccer? This is counter intuitive and strange!

How come there is no ham in hamburgers and no dog in hotdogs? Wouldn't beef-burger and hotpigs make more sense?

What is the sound of one foot clapping?

If a tree falls in a forest with no one around and lands on your car, will your insurance cover it?

Uranus is not ass backward, Earth and the other planets in the solar system are - relative to the dominant Galactic Point of View. Don't most people act and believe ass backwards? - ask Dr. Wayne Dyer.



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hot Dog Fun Pun

We must ketchup so we can relish the past but I mustard a brown biscut. And did you know fun in Japanese means poo?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Congressman Congress woman videogames

Games should be like Super Mario Bros or Street Fighter with local backgrounds. For kids to know who is in charge. Educational games with a heavy gamer tilt.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cure for Senioritis and Grad project

Penpals with seniors and 1st graders. At least once each term seniors get a letter from 1st graders asking them questions about their school life. Seniors respond to letter and add pictures. Last term before before senior graduation they visit their pen pall First graders.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be a Junkie smoke tabacco!

Junkies are everywhere. Guess what? If you smoke then you are a JUNKIE. A nicotine junkie nonetheless. Hey anti tobacco people, why don't you call them smoggerz for what they really are JUNKIES. The Marlboro Man was a junkie And most nico-junkies simply leave their skank nasty butts all over public and private property. And they smell bad.

Masking Tape the Original Post it note

Post it notes are fine and I love em but they stink at staying posted! The slightest breeze or mild vibration sends them to the floor and wala the message is lost. Masking tape is a 1000s times more reliable. Why don't those MaD Ave junkies play it up?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Domestic USA Olympics, for the 50 States

Why don't we have a domestic Olympics scheduled in between the International Olympics. It'd be held every four years. Athletes compete from their birth state. If they were not born in the USA then their could compete under a flag from which ever continent that they came from?

Think of all the dollars you'd get?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lay vs Lie

Lay the hay made of yarn in the yellow barn, (not the red one). Never LIE or you'll get shot and will have to LIE on the doctor's cot.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Australia and New Zealand - the biological missing links

Australia is famous for its seemingly biological missing links - the marsupials and monotremes. Although they may look like cute and fuzzy mammals their mode of reproduction is as alien as it gets. Marsupials have no placenta and the embryo is born much less than half formed, then it climbs into a pouch where the mammary glands are.

Imagine if we had human like marsupials? No water to break and child birth would be much easier and probably much less painful. Babies would come out as worm like embryos and attach themselves to the mammary glands which would be covered in a pouch. So the nipples would be permanently covered by a flap of skin, which would be mommy pouch. Chances are men would have flaps over their nipples too, but it would be vestigial. And a few months later when the baby's eyes open up, the child would poke it head out of mom's boobie pouch. Kinda' wierd, but that's how the marsupials do it.

Even better if humans reproduced like monotremes which include the platypus and echidna. Mom would lay the egg and both parents could take turns sitting on the eggs. And junior would hatch out, when the time was right. Basically monotremes are thought to be a kind of biological missing link, whereby they are a remnant transitional species before rise of placental mammals as virtual 'egg laying mammals.' Eventually the non egg laying mammals took over and gave monotremes the pink slip all over the world so we think, except for down under. Monotremes are like a lost species in between the lizard and placental mammal.

In New Zealand the biological wonders are the humble ferns. Ferns don't produce flowers, rather like animals and insects, part of their procreative cycle includes sperm. Plants usually produce pollen. But oddly ferns like grampi and daddy produce sperm.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hudson Bay looks like a polar bear

Forget about oil the USA has green gold

As the earth gets over populated, food production will be more important than oil or precious metals, as it should be. It is easy to take food for granted. Amen


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Branch of Government - The Forum

I always wished there was a mandatory seat in the government for a citizen leader who was blind. Perhaps one male and one female federal leader to look up to.

A deaf congressman, one in a wheel chair. The insight from a blind leader would be insightful. The forum would be divided into several houses

1. The house of Ethnics
2. The house of Language
3. The house of Religious Leaders
4. The house of Special Minorities

The house of special minorities would include a 'congressman and women' who is blind, deaf, wheelchair bound, with downs syndrome, missing limbs, color blind, a dwarf, or inter-gendered.

5. Maybe even house of careers and work? Imagine a congressperson who had over 10-20 years experience as waitress, chef, bus drivers, teacher, police officer, banker, taxi-drivers, dishwashers, etc.

However all leaders would get funding from their registered voters on a voluntary basis. No tax money, except perhaps from registered lobbyists.

These statesmen and stateswomen will have a platform and give people a leader who has walked in their shoes to look up to. She or he will really truly know something of their point of view and needs.

This congress will have certain access to government agencies, executive officers, senators, and the Supreme Court. We could also rely on these people who carry a certain knowledge and point of view that many regular congresspersons do not have. The powers may be weak, but they will have a mega-phone of publicity that can out shout the media. Their own internet channel and chat forum that will represent their interests that will reach politicians, and access to major broad casting networks.

It may also reduce the ridiculous pandering of politicians.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sky Blue Collar?

I never heard anyone use this term but I'm pretty sure its been uttered. A Sky Blue Collar worker does both white collar and blue collar work.

The next TV Star Trek engineer must have an India Accent

Because of ratings. Scotty to O'Brien to Gupta, play it out in your head. Also it could use a Zen like Tibetan or Aussie Aboriginal like captain.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Baltic Sea looks like a Fairy

The Baltic fairy is sitting cross legged facing Scandinavia. Her wings are touching the shores of Estonia and Latvia.

Ceres is likely to have a moon, plus its moon may even have its own mini-moon

Ceres is 5th planet from the sun in between Mars and Jupiter. It is a dwarf planet. I'm willing to put money down that it has a moon. It's in the asteroid belt after all.

Furthermore since it is so small it has the highest potential for its theoretical moon to have its own natural satellite.

It's nice to only have a Bachelor of Science because PhD people can't explore issues without ruining their reputation.

New Team for Los Angeles - the SEA LIONS

If Los Angeles gets a new NFL team they should be called the Sea Lions. The male Sea Lion is the epitome of linemen - offensive and defensive. Likewise the winner takes it all in combat for both.

Mozambique looks like a seal juggling balls

Mozambique looks like a seal juggling small balls. The balls would be Lesotho and Swaziland. You have to turn the map upside down to notice.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kyoto Prefecture looks like a Seahorse

When you flip it upside down. Take a look.

Evolution of flying theory, fish theory

Perhaps flying fish became the first vertebrates to colonize the air, to avoid predators? Scales to feathers? Are there any fossils? I know this sounds fishy but I'm serious. The body plan of a fish is already suited for flying. And no predators to worry about. Except maybe insects. Or perhaps the ancient flying fishes ate the flying bugs?

Think about it.

New Paradigm - Fish to Bird?
Fish to Dinosaur to Aquatic Dinosaur to Bird?

Old Paradigm - Fish to Lizard to Dinosaur in Tree to Bird?

Note the flying fish in this video only hovers above the water. Modern flying fish don't go any higher because a bird would certainly eat them. But if there were no birds in the air yet any brave fishes that jump in the air wouldn't worry, and fly up and higher. This would explain why flying fish don't fly any higher - because bird'zl eat'm up.

New element in rock paper scissors game - OIL

Oil is represented by having all your fingers spread out like jazz hands. Oil beats scissors but not paper. Paper absorbs oil. Ties with rock and self.This element was first created around 1984 at McGuire AFB, NJ at Hercules Trailer Park near the blue caterpillar monkey bars with Bruce and Kareem.


When people flip out over the pronunciation of their name or other word. The immature child got angry and went on a rant because the substitute teacher said his name wrong. In other words the student had a phonniption. A phonniption is a conniption caused by not understanding the complexities of English.

Pennsylvania looks like an open hand to for shaking

Michiganese Americans use their hand facing upwards to represent their state. Sometimes as if it were a mitten, using the right hand. Likewise Pennsylvania can be represented by the left hand. Philadelphia is at the fingertips in between the pinky and ring finger. Washington Crossed the Delaware at the middle finger so he could figuratively attack the Prussians. Penn State is just below the middle finger. Harrisburg is in the crevasse between the pinky and ring finger.

Also note you have to scrunch your thumb is semi-triangular shape to have the state appear on your hand. Thus the it is Lake Erie County.

And yes, PA and MI are what I call fraternal twins via their matching flags!

Chile of course looks like a Snake

I fairly sure I didn't come up with this one first.

Switzerland looks a wee bit like a turtle

Spain looks like a Snail

Just imagine the super fast snail from the Never Ending Story - Spain is like an ancient wise snail but don't be fooled into thinking its a slow poke.

Loas looks like a Palm Tree while Cambodia looks like the Coconut that fell from it

Laos and Cambodia have many coconut plantations. They are tropical nations right next to each other.

Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) look like two elephant heads fighting

Thailand and Myanmar are similar but very different. They happen to look like to Elephant heads wrestling. Both nations are home to the small, friendly and semi-domesticated Asian Elephant.

Fukuoka Prefecture looks like a mushroom

Fukuoka the most populous 'state' in Kyushu looks a lot like a mushroom. It's because of Kyushu that my heart leveled up, like Mario.


Osaka Looks like a Crescent Moon

Osaka-fu 'prefecture' looks like a crescent moon? Did anyone ever notice?

Canada looks like an 'upside down' Yak

Canada looks like an 'upside down' Yak, if you ignore the polar islands. The horns are in the Southern Eastern part. A Yak is basically a 'Wooly Bison.' If the Yak had went extinct it would have become more famous like the Wooly Mammoth. You don't know what you got till its gone.

If you don't like Yak then how about a Yorkie?

Cuba looks like a Shark or maybe a Whale?

From a US point of view Cuba looks like a Shark with its mouth open, ready to gobble the Bahamas, but from the Jamaican point of view it looks more like a Whale.

Its all how you look at the situation and whatever your political point of view is, I suppose.

The Mediterranean Sea looks like a fish

The Mediterranean Sea looks like a fish, a seahorse but its tail has been cut off as the Red Sea.

The USA looks like an anteater or armadillo

Flip the map of the lower 48 states upside down. What do you see? An anteater or an armadillo? Maybe something else?

I first came across this discovery in the spring of 2004 at Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047 - at the Shady Brook Mature Adult Community.

Russia looks like a Walrus! Russia is shaped like Walrus!

Kamchatka is the tusks while the caucuses are the back fin-legs.

Russia is big and powerful nation adapted to the cold, just like the Walrus. They look mean but are actually very intelligent and caring creatures - both of them.

Western Asia or the Middle East looks like a Camel

The Middle Eastern or more aptly The West Asian Camel

Just look at the Islamic nations. Arabia, Pakistan, And central Islamic Asia.

You can buy the fuzzy camel here at this website

Jordan looks like a camel sitting down

It's fate my friends.

Vietnam looks like a cobra snake

The cobra bit France then the USA and its old freinemy China. Respect the snake because you can't control it.

The Philippines looks like a sea turtle

Use your imagination.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

M&M, Skittles, Reeces Pieces candy gun!

This candy gun is rubber band loaded. It is to be used to shoot at obnoxious movie theater guests that can't keep their pinehole shut, use cell phones, or bring in noisy bags of food.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Solo Pool/Billards Game "Bottom of the Ninth"

Bottom of the Ninth is a game for solo play on a typical American Pool Table.

This game is based on the Bottom of the 9th inning in American Baseball. Imagine you are the last batter in baseball with two outs. Each shot counts as a swing. Thus you must sink a ball within three shots. If you do not sink a colored ball within three shots the game is over and try again. The one rule is that you can not hit the same colored ball two times in a row, unless it hits another numbered ball via a ricochet. The game ends when there are two balls left on the table - the cue ball and a numbered ball.

If this is too difficult you can play Bottom of the 9th by starting with no outs. This gives the solo player two chances. When the player fails to sink a colored ball in three shots then it is an out. The player has a total of three outs.

This game was invented by me, sometime in the mid to early 1990s in Tyler Walk Housing community - Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Sunday, January 1, 2012