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Monday, May 30, 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pac-Man Ghost "Palety"

Inspired by art I saw at an art festival today.

Aquateen Hungerforce Pac-Man Ghosts "Meatwady" "Mastashaky" "Frylocky" & "Carlnery"

Like Legos and Star Wars, Pac-Man and Aquateen Hunger Force match up well. Note to be a Pac-Man ghost, means no mouth!

As ghosts should come in fours or tetrads, Carl the Pac-Man ghost is a must. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pac-Man Yellow Ghost Pellet - Balancing the Tables

When Pac-Man eats the Ghost Pellet, the ghosts turn into see through ghosts and cant hurt Pac-Man.  Nor can Pac-Man hurt the Ghosts. And Pac-Man can pass through the ghosts. 

The Green Power Pellet for Pac-Man - For Turning Ghosts into Pumpkings

The lost green power pellet for Pac-Man turns ghosts into pumpkins and they can get chomped.  But unlike the regular white power pellet this green one keeps them still like a pumpkin for a limited amount of time. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pac-Man Ghost "Panely"

Rainbow Pac-Man Ghost "Bonijy"

Bonijy is a mix of Rainbow and the Niji.  Niji is Japanese for Rainbow.

Retro Pac-Man Ghost "Berziky"

Notice how the red eyes seems to be in 3D and can seem to follow you.

Pac-Man Ghost Slinky

Fireball Ghost For Pac-Man "Firoby" from Super Mario Bros mixed with Pacman

"Snowty" the Pac-Man Ghost who is TV Snow or TV Static

"Olivy" the Olive Colored Pac-Man Ghost

New Pac-Man Ghost "Triggy" the three eyes - Yelloreen or Greeyello Color

New Pac-Man Ghost based on Neapolitan Icecream "Neapolty"

New Pac-Man Ghost "Cheety"

The fastest ghost on the block.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pac-Man Ghost "Cosmy"

Pacman Ghost "Spigetty"

Pacman Ghost "Frenchy"

New Pacman Ghost "Toasty"

New Pacman Ghost "Spazzy"

New Pacman Ghost "AVGN NERDY" from the Angry Video Game Nerd

You can thank James Rolfe for this one. 

New Pacman Ghost "Buddy"

Lost Pacman Ghost "Psyky"

Pacman Ghost "Swissy"

Lost Pacman Ghost "Hunty"

New Pacman Ghost "Bricky"

The Hard to See Ghost from Pacman "Shady"

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pacman Ghost "Sparkly"

Pacman Ghost "Zombeey"

Lost Pacman Ghost "Zitty"

Lost Pacman Ghost "Hippy"

"Cammey" the LLost Camouflage Ghost from Pacman

The Lost White Ghost from Pacman "Sheepy"

Sheepy can add dots if she finds them all alone in singles, doubles, or triples. 

The Lost Lime Colored Ghost from Pacman "Limey"

The Brown Ghost from Pacman "STINKY"

New Pac-Man Mincraft Ghost "Creepy"

Minecraft Meet's Atari's Dragons from Adventure 1970s Ultimate Quest Game - Pre-Zelda Era

The original sword from and first of video game heroes, Squire Square-a-lot.  He is about to attack the Dragon Creepguyrl.