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Friday, June 29, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Smigger & Smogger

Definiton- A person who smokes tobacco. The funny comedian Dennis Leary is a unrepentant smigger.A smogger is someone who smokes cannabis. Cheech and Chong are two famous smoggers.A person who does both is a smoigger.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bruce Willis & LeVar Burton should make a movie

Better than Richard & Gene, Mel & Danny, Paul & Stevie - it will be the best salt & pepper team in a long time. Willis and Jacking are nice but aside aside. But both Burton and Willis were born in West Germany - same year - in a nation that was created by hate and destroyed by love. The mixing of their karma and all American smiles will kick the shit out of the world.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Did you know humans have two hearts?

The main heart is the command center for Red Blood Cells. The other heart is command center of White Blood Cells - the spleen.

The red blood cell heart is the nexus of the circulatory system that delivers nutrients and gasses.

But the white blood cell heart is the nexus of the another diffuse circulatory system - the lymphatic network. The White Blood Cell heart does not pump fluids. But you can think of it as the 'pentagon' of the human body has access to emergency to an reserve corps of Red Blood Cells if needed in an emergency like FEMA. Most importantly you can think of it as being high tech security center that trains White Blood Cells and Antibodies to attack intruders.

Regular Red Blood Cell Heart with four chambers is for the enlisted blood cells and the spleen is for the officers.

Internet Shout-tout

Internet or You tube or face book should have shout option for positive feed back. Ex if you want to join likes in a shout out for Batman 2012 click here and a program does a funky dance.

2027 the Age of Chiron II

Chiron the 'dwarf planet' was discovered in 1977 and has a 50 year period orbit. Thus in the year 2027 we enter the Second age of Chiron II. Medical advances on all fronts - mind, body, spirit, soul, faith, and heart.

We'll have a union-synergy of Western, Eastern, Tribal, and Mystical medicine.

Countdown to Pluto Epoch 2

In the year 2178 we enter Epoch of Pluto 2

The best party in our solar system will be on Pluto in 2178 - be there or be square!

Monday, June 18, 2012

LeVar Burton - Generation X+, X-, and X'

LeVar Burton has three avatars created in Hollywood Land, that are locked to three different states of mind. Depending upon which part of Generation X you would have grown up with him to three different forms.

Generation X+ sees him in the light of Kunta Kinte (with a connection to the distant past)

Generation X' sees him as Reading Rainbow Man (planted here in the now as himself)

Generation X- sees him as Geordi Laforge (with a connection to the distant future)

How do you see him first and foremost? Most of the Americans over the age of 40 with the older part of Generation X (GENERATION X-PLUS) sees him as Kunta Kinte. The core leaders of Gen X+ are kids who watched roots just before they hit their teens. Gen X+ is pure and made 'first perception' with LeVar when Roots ran for the first time.

However most Americans under the age of 30 think Star Trek and Geordi Laforge. This group includes the younger portion of Generation X (GENERATION X-MINUS) plus Generation I (I is for Internet). The core leaders of Gen X- only grew up with Geordi before they hit their teens.

The smallest group in between ages 30 & 40 see him as he is - Uncle LeVar Burton - aka Reading Rainbow Man: this is Generation X-prime. But you don't have to take my word for it - ask someone! The core leaders of Gen X' watched Reading Rainbow before Star Trek the Next Generation and were ignorant of Roots.


Did you get happy as a kid when you heard the opening theme?

the double primes

Gen X+', Gen X+-
Gen X'+, Gen X'-
Gen X-+, Gen X-'

Generation X plus prime

= grew up during the Original Roots Phenomena but made 'first perception' of LeVar via Reading Rainbow.

Generation X plus minus
= grew up when Roots took a front seat in the Media but made 'first perception' of LeVar via Star Trek the Next Generation

Generation X prime plus
= grew up after the Roots Phenomena but before Star Trek the Next Generation and made 'first perception' of LeVar as Kunta Kinte

Generation X prime minus
= grew up before Star Trek the Next Generation and after Roots and made 'first perception' of LeVar as Geordi Laforge


Generation X minus plus
= grew up when Star Trek the Next Generation was current but had 'first perception' of LeVar in a Roots rerun

Generation X minus prime
= grew up when Star Trek the Next Generation was fresh but made 'first perception' with LeVar as reading rainbow host

FINALLY THE Double Minus
'some people should be kept in the dark'
Generation X+--
Generation X plus minus minus, grew up during Roots but never saw it and don't know who LeVar Burton is

Generation X'--
Generation X prime minus minus, grew up inbetween Roots and STNG but never made contact with LeVar and don't know who he is

Generation X ---
Generation minus minus minus, grew up during the Star Trek the Next Generation but never saw it and don't know who LeVar is

Generation X minus minus people could be Amish, Mennonite, Fundamentalist & Religiously home schooled, extreme liberal or conservative, hippie commune children, grew up in orphanages or on the street, had over bearing parents, weren't allowed to watch TV, etc...

It is important to never force or judge a Generation X minus minus into knowing about our watching a TV show or film about LeVar Burton. Some people are never meant to know. "First Perception" will come naturally if it supposed to. It may seem sad that some of Generation X will never enjoy Reading Rainbow, Star Trek the Next Generation, or Roots and that is okay.

You really have to live through a phenomena to feel and know it. The majority of American Generations today have never felt the 60s or 50s. They may have gotten a sniff of them in movies, music and TV but that is totally artificial. But children can feel it from their elders if they 'hang out' with them.

Synchronicity Illustrated

image source


A new name for soccer.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Would be state abbreviations for American Far Out Islands

Abbreviation Jarvis Island = JA Baker Island = BI Howland Island = HW Navassa = NS Wake Island = WK Kingman Reef = KR Palmyra Atoll = PY Johnston Island = JO Midway = MW

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New American Holiday - Mars Week - August 11 to August 18

Asaph Hall
An American who discovered two new worlds

August 12 is Diemos Day while August 18 is Phobos Day. These are holidays commemorating the discovery of the moons of Mars.

Why a holiday? Because an American discovered them - Asaph Hall from Connecticut, 101 years after the Declaration of Independence.

Mars Week 2012 starts on Sunday, August 12 unto Saturday August 18. We don't know who discovered Mars first - it belongs to all civilizations, but we do know that Yankee Nutmegger discovered the moons first!

How to celebrate?

THINK:Mars Flags, Movies, Coloured green popcorn, Pictures, Stories, Costumes, Spaceships, Comics, Dancing, Green Body Paint, Lazer Shows!

And of course poems and plays in honor of Asaph Hall!

A new holiday Februray 18 - Plutoday

Pluto was discovered February 18, 1930. Lets call it a holiday. It'd be an American Holiday since an American discovered Pluto!

New Holiday Neptunzday - September 23

In honor of our most officially 'outer planet' we should have a holiday for scientists with college degrees. Since it was discovered on September 23, 1846 - Neptunzday!

New Holiday - March 25 is Titanday

In honor of the discovery of Titan! March 25, 1655.

It should be a national holiday in the Netherlands.

We should rename March 13 as Uranus Day or Uranuzday

Since it was discovered March 13, 1781. It is the American Revolution Planet so to speak!

Countdown to 2020 or 2021 Sea Lab Movie

We will have a Sea Lab 2020 movie in the year 2020! Here is the first count down!


2012 - eight
2013 - seven
2014 - six
2015 - five
2016 - four
2017 - three
2018 - two
2019 - one
2020 - zero!

figure is approximate plus or minus a few days

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Far North and Far South

Far North - Lapland, Russian Newfoundland and Svalbard.

Far South - Falkland Islands and South Shetland Islands.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Schyroonmyl the Tie-Dye Dragon

Schyroonmyl Dragon

Schyroonmyl eats your weapons and poos them into annoying randomly coloured bats. Hidden hippie-like dragon in Adventure for Atari 1979.

Peychyrtle the Patriotic Dragon

Camuflgyl the Camoflauge Dragon

Jyrafril the Giraffe like Dragon from Adventure

Eurorica the Dwarf continent or sub-continent

To consider Greenland as a continent - the name Eurorica fits best. Amerurope doesn't roll off the tongue so well. Subsequently Iceland would be a part of Eurorica since it's closer to this continent more than to Europe and North America. Also many of the northern islands of Nunavut can be included in this definition.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lost Castles and Dragons in Adventure 1979 for Atari?

We need a retro-reboot of Adventure!

But more castles, dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, monsters!!!!

With 70s music, interactive play and mind tripping mazes.

Adventure for Atari 2600 in 1979 was a head of the game universe.

It is a classic. And fun to play, but there was never an excellent sequel.

The time has come, Adventure is long long over due. Adventure II with the original Atari Mod is coming in 2013!

The Teal Castle

The Red Castle

The Purple Castle

The Green Castle

The Grey Castle

The Brown Castle

The Blue Castle

The Orange Castle

The Zebra Castle

Dragons, Dragons and more Dragons!!!!!!!
Adventure II

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Greenland is a Euro-American Island

Greenland's south-western shoreline is closer to the continent of North America but its eastern shore is closer to Europe. Thus this island is 'Euro-America,' with a heavy tilt towards America, and like Europe it has land due north of Africa. Basically Greenland has one foot in the 'Old World' and another in the 'New World.'



The Dividing Line of North and South America in the Caribbean

For some strange reason most geographers classify all or most of the islands in the Caribbean as North America. However many islands and nations are right next to South America! Trinidad is much closer to South America yet North America bogarts all the islands. After doing some geographical research - from a linear point of view the south eastern half of the Caribbean Islands should be classified as South America.

Here is the dividing line:

The Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands are closest to North America - thus a part of North America.

Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican) and all islands south and east of it are closest to South America. Thus Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands (US&UK), Antigua & Barbuda, All of Dutch American Indies, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and finally Trinidad and Tobago are all geographically speaking a part of South America.

But Turks and Caicos are geographically in between. One would think that they should be a natural extension of the Bahamas but the great coincidence is that Turks is closer to South America as is a tiny portion of of Caicos.