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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Several New Words: Fiveral, Sixeral, Eighteral, Nineral, Teneral, Eleveneral, Tweleveral, Thiteeneral

I used to think several meant like exactly 7.  But now the other nubers get respect.

Prologically Correct? Make Lower Case "L" Cursive on Computers!!

How many times have you confused the lower case L for a number 1?  

It would be logical and make everyone's life much easier, if we used a lowercase cursive l instead of a number one doppleganger.  

But making such changes can only happen when left or right wing tips get offended: such for politically correct purposes from the left...or rather snide spiteful like thinking from the right.  Remember Freedom Fries?  

If only a story about a minority group that was branded and teased about the lower case L, would we finally motivate the left wing.  

While a hippy dippy socialist peace story about the letter L would motivate the right wing to change this letter.  So that we don't confuse it, I with 1.  

Prologically correct anyone?