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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Violet Moon - Defined

A Violet Moon occurs when a New Moon falls in between the Winter Solstice  and New Years Eve.  To be precise the New Moon can appear on the Winter Solstice and on New Years Eve Eve.  Yeah, that's right, that is not a typo.  The New Moon must fall on the day before New Years eve, or rather the night before New Year's Eve.

In case you forgot  a New Moon is not visibly lit by the Sun...aka when the Moon is Black.  A New Moon is the opposite of a Full Moon.  So why don't they just call it an Empty Moon instead of a New Moon?

Furthermore what about an Old Moon?  Since Old is the opposite of New!   You'd think some people would call a Full Moon an Old Moon?

This is why people get that concept mixed up - it does not flow with the natural thought of balance to opposites.  Leading to people not caring about the cycles of the moon.  The vocabulary is all funked up.

In the end, when Santa is puttin' presents under the tree and there is no moon light to help him out, we are going to have a Violet Moon.  And if its a Full Moon when Santa is out, we have a Purple Moon.  

EMPTY MOON - is to --- FULL MOON.........AS..........NEW MOON ---is to ---- OLD MOON

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