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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alien to Human as to Human to Chimp

Humans probably cant see Aliens because they don't perceive them as such. Example a human that tries to be nice to a wild or domesticaed gorilla or chimp is looking for trouble. He or she will get their face ripped off. Even if that human brings food and medical aid for the chimp.

Most apes are worried about being alpha and dominating a strange like clothed ape. The ape's mind can't reach the human mind level but only for brief periods.

Most humans are too are like apes because of ego status - is me or my team winning!?

I make more money than them-you, I can bench more than you, I smarter, my team is winning, I have more friends and money. Status, status, status. Me strong-right-better you weak-stupid.Man has limited linear line thought definition of what an alien should be.

Most men are not open or capable of perceiving an alien as of yet. Like the apes in the jungle man and woman can get obsessed even with things even with ideas. "I am going to win and dominate" is the manamal instinct.Man would be like psychic vampire or funny pet to alien.

Monday, May 28, 2012


That magical and mysterious time before a legend or mystery is discovered. It is the mystery that gets people interested. Before the discovery of gorillas and chimpanzees there was a lot of wondergence of such a man like creature. After they apes were brought into mainstream existence the mystery was gone. Like before we knee what was on Mars or Venus in the 1800s. There was a grand level of wondergence about these planets until we found out there are lifeless rocks. Right now the last frontier in our solarsystem to be in the era of wondergence is The deaf planet Ceres.

Pens and Pencils are the most powerful wands on earth

George Lucas fan film Alliance

Ever since Hardware War Lucas and 20th Century Fox has been sitting on a gold mine that is being mined by others.

Mr. Lucas you should make an arrangement where fan based film, literature, art, and music can register with Lucasfilm to make a profit.

A 55/45 Lucas/Fan split seems fair.

You'd make money by simply registering fan work under different classes - cannon, alt reality, other, etc...

Hey Corporate shareholders at 20th Century! You can make money with a simple wave of a graphite/ink wand.

Where does the Red Brick road go?

From the Wizard of Oz there are two pathways - the Yellow Brick Road and the Red Brick Road. We see that the Yellow Brick road was fine, but how about the Red Brick Road?

Fitzpatrick fun

Fitzrickpat patfitzrick rickfitzpat

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make Leap Day on Leap Year a public Holiday!

We get an extra day every four years! The holiday can be centered on frogs. No school or work on the next leap day/year February 29, 2016. Who doesn't like Kermit?For all you work-a-holics make a day if prayer and fasting. The rest of us can have fun.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Australia-Oceania? No! It should be...

Australia-Pacificus! Because Oceania currently bogarts the term ocean for the Pacific Ocean only. Islands in the Atlantic and Indian are a part of the entire Oceania of Earth.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Melaka vs Moluccass

Why does this naming thing happen.

Barents or Bering?

Geography has that funny I cant help it yin Yang tongue tempo. The coincidence is that they are at opposite shores of Russia.

Novaya Zemiya is basically Newfoundland

Or rather Newfoundland is English for Novaya Zemiya.

Which parts of the USA are geographically Asia?

Wake Island, most of the Northern Marianas and the western islands of Alaska. They are all islands and closer to Asia than America. This makes Alaska geographically speaking Amerasian.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Middle America - continental definition

The mainland parts of North and South America that overlap directly due north-south. Chile, Peru, New Jersey, and DC are a part of Middle America.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

The USA has land attached to how many continents?

Geographically speaking - four. North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. Most of the US is on North America. Puerto Rico, Navassa, and the US Virgin Islands are officially a part of North America but geographically closer to South America. The eastern most islands of Alaska are closer to Asia as is Wake Island and most of the Northern Marianas. Howland, Baker, Guam, American Samoa and a wee portion of the southern Northern Marianas are closest to the Australian mainland. You can also add Antarctica but that is unofficial - but no doubt the USA will one day lay claim to parts. The USA has no part within a geographic reach of Europe nor Africa.

Puerto Rico should be classified as South America

Puerto Rico is closer to South America - as are the US Virgin Islands and Navassa.

The Far South

The Far North

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A call for domestic Olympics at the sub-federal level in all nations

Lets get those flags a waving. Imagine what it do to the economy?

Domestic Olympics for the Russian Federal subjects?

Domestic Olympics for the 47 prefectures of Japan?

Domestic Olympics for 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories?

The Human Spirit is as old as the Shark and Dolphin Spirit

A great myopic point of view is to say that man evolved a few million years ago.

It needs refinement, or at least more detail.

All living species are exactly the same age. However some species have undergone a more dynamic change. Some have a lot of generations while others have less.

Most sharks, snakes, bacteria and worms have undergone little change. On the other hand humans, dolphins, cats, and dogs have undergone a lot of change. But all living lines of species are exactly the same age.

The human physical form may be new but our spirit line is as ancient and as the turtles.

"All living life is the same age, millions and millions of years old, from a certain point of view," as O-bi Wan would say.

The Far West vs The Far East

With the term Far East, that means there should be a 'Far West.' It would include Ireland, UK, Portugal and Spain.

India is the True Middle East

...and the traditional Middle East is actually the Middle West. First of all like Europe and most western nations - they all trace their religion and ways of thinking to Western Asia.

You can think of England, Ireland, and Portugal as being the 'Far West.'

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Planet of the Roos

Imagine a world where kangaroos learned to use tools, develop language, and tell jokes?It make a great comedic satire.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Britain looks like a Rabbit

Painting yourself into mind corner

Gosh we didn't see that coming. Oceania implies ocean but excludes the Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern. Why does the Pacific get dibs only on ocean? Shouldn't the oceans be considered Oceania? Not Fair!NEW WORDPYOURTMINDER

Ever notice the switcheroo with U and V on public buildings?

Its never covered in class or game shows.


Anyhow here are examples:
Vnited States of America can be abbreviated VSA.
Vtah is where the Mormons are.
The Vniverese is big.
Vranvs is the only plant aligned with the Milky Way's galactic disc.
Yov are a good person.


Self righteous spelling and grammar people.


Used like affect or effect. It is a mergent word to safe guard against fundamentalist grammernistas.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indonesia has two islands shaped like a star fish

East America - a sub-continent

The eastern regions of the South American continent that are not due south of the North American continent. The most western point of East America is determined by the furthest eastern point of Labrador.Most of Brazil and Uruguay are a part of East America.

West America - a sub continent

A geographic definition:It is the western portion of North America that does not overlap with South America. If you travel due south of this region of North America you will not hit South America instead you'll hit open ocean and then Antarctica.California, Mexico, Minnesota and Alaska are a part of West America. No part of the South American mainland is due south of these places.

What five parts of the USA are geographically a part of the Australian Continent?

American Samoa, Guam, Baker Island, Howland Island, and the southern most island of the Northern Mariana Islands - Rota.

All of these islands are closer to the continent of Australia than to mainland Asia or either America.

American Samoa is even down under - below the equator.
Hawaii is a good guess but itself closer to the continent of North America.

And remember! America even has a grand population of marsupials after all - the opossums. They come in over 60 flavors (species).

Finally Jarvis Island is down under - below the equator - and geographically closest to the continent of North America.

What America doesn't have are the egg laying mammals like the platypus and echidna. But we do parthenogenic (no males needed for reproduction) lizards! Something of science fiction that is not fiction - remember Enemy Mine 1985?

I guess parthenogenic lizards are distantly related to the mythical Dragon?

Every High School student should have a Micro class at least two times

8-12 students maybe 10th and grade 12.