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Monday, April 25, 2016

Donald Trump is The Oldest Candidate for The 2016 US Presidential Election

This is true from a cellular point of view. Although Sanders 1941 was birthed five years before Trump 1946, Donald Trump's first cell arrived on Earth five months before the first cell of Sanders. Remember that when a woman is pregnant, and carrying a girl, all the eggs of the next generation form about 4 months after conception. Both Sander's and Trump's moms were born in 1912! Trump's mother was born May 10th and a few months later Sander's mother was born October 2nd. So both men's first cell formed during president Taft.

How is that for a fun fact!? Subsequently these two 2016 presidential contenders are twisted time twins, because Trump has the older Egg Genesis date while Sanders has the older birthing date. Strange but true!

Ted Cruz Was Born in Delaware

This is true from scientific point of view, on a cellular level. Mr. Cruz, Rafael Edward/Ted was from a certain point of view born in the "First State." This is true because the first cell distinct from the parental generation forms when mom is still in the womb. Since Teddy's mommy was born in Delaware on November 23, 1934 Ted's first cell also formed in this state during FDR's first term in office, some time in the spring of 1934. Thus from a biological perspective, Ted was in fact born in the USA. Mr. Cruz was obviously conceived and birthed in Canada, but his roots go to the great North East.

Donald Trump Was Born In Scotland

Technically speaking from a cellular point of view, Donald John Trump was born in Scotland. Remember, the first cell distinct from the parental generation forms about four months after fertilization. Thus the first cell of D.J. Trump was created sometime in the Winter of 1911/1912 when his mother was living in the UK.

Trump was born in New York by traditional reckoning, but from factual scientific cellular point of view, his first cell was created in Europe. Thus you can say: Trump was born in Europe. Trump was born in The UK. Trump was born in Scotland.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

SJW Announce successful Protest For Multiracial BRWANY Towels

Coming soon Brawny announced that multi ethnic covers that will feature East Asian, India, Mexican, Black, and even Native American Brawny Towel covers. Additionally a ginger and blonde haired Brawny men will be designed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Defensive Agressive

People from NJ are unfairly characterized as being Denfensive Agressive.

Example... "Mike told me you are from New Jersery."

"Yeah, I am. You gotta' problem with that? Cuz' , I have a brass knuckle sandwich I'm willing to donate to ya' mutha."

"Dude I was just asking, I used to spend my summers there as a kid, relax, I love New Jersey. Jee Wizz...Why so aggressive? "

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016