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Friday, January 27, 2012

Domestic USA Olympics, for the 50 States

Why don't we have a domestic Olympics scheduled in between the International Olympics. It'd be held every four years. Athletes compete from their birth state. If they were not born in the USA then their could compete under a flag from which ever continent that they came from?

Think of all the dollars you'd get?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lay vs Lie

Lay the hay made of yarn in the yellow barn, (not the red one). Never LIE or you'll get shot and will have to LIE on the doctor's cot.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Australia and New Zealand - the biological missing links

Australia is famous for its seemingly biological missing links - the marsupials and monotremes. Although they may look like cute and fuzzy mammals their mode of reproduction is as alien as it gets. Marsupials have no placenta and the embryo is born much less than half formed, then it climbs into a pouch where the mammary glands are.

Imagine if we had human like marsupials? No water to break and child birth would be much easier and probably much less painful. Babies would come out as worm like embryos and attach themselves to the mammary glands which would be covered in a pouch. So the nipples would be permanently covered by a flap of skin, which would be mommy pouch. Chances are men would have flaps over their nipples too, but it would be vestigial. And a few months later when the baby's eyes open up, the child would poke it head out of mom's boobie pouch. Kinda' wierd, but that's how the marsupials do it.

Even better if humans reproduced like monotremes which include the platypus and echidna. Mom would lay the egg and both parents could take turns sitting on the eggs. And junior would hatch out, when the time was right. Basically monotremes are thought to be a kind of biological missing link, whereby they are a remnant transitional species before rise of placental mammals as virtual 'egg laying mammals.' Eventually the non egg laying mammals took over and gave monotremes the pink slip all over the world so we think, except for down under. Monotremes are like a lost species in between the lizard and placental mammal.

In New Zealand the biological wonders are the humble ferns. Ferns don't produce flowers, rather like animals and insects, part of their procreative cycle includes sperm. Plants usually produce pollen. But oddly ferns like grampi and daddy produce sperm.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hudson Bay looks like a polar bear

Forget about oil the USA has green gold

As the earth gets over populated, food production will be more important than oil or precious metals, as it should be. It is easy to take food for granted. Amen


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Branch of Government - The Forum

I always wished there was a mandatory seat in the government for a citizen leader who was blind. Perhaps one male and one female federal leader to look up to.

A deaf congressman, one in a wheel chair. The insight from a blind leader would be insightful. The forum would be divided into several houses

1. The house of Ethnics
2. The house of Language
3. The house of Religious Leaders
4. The house of Special Minorities

The house of special minorities would include a 'congressman and women' who is blind, deaf, wheelchair bound, with downs syndrome, missing limbs, color blind, a dwarf, or inter-gendered.

5. Maybe even house of careers and work? Imagine a congressperson who had over 10-20 years experience as waitress, chef, bus drivers, teacher, police officer, banker, taxi-drivers, dishwashers, etc.

However all leaders would get funding from their registered voters on a voluntary basis. No tax money, except perhaps from registered lobbyists.

These statesmen and stateswomen will have a platform and give people a leader who has walked in their shoes to look up to. She or he will really truly know something of their point of view and needs.

This congress will have certain access to government agencies, executive officers, senators, and the Supreme Court. We could also rely on these people who carry a certain knowledge and point of view that many regular congresspersons do not have. The powers may be weak, but they will have a mega-phone of publicity that can out shout the media. Their own internet channel and chat forum that will represent their interests that will reach politicians, and access to major broad casting networks.

It may also reduce the ridiculous pandering of politicians.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sky Blue Collar?

I never heard anyone use this term but I'm pretty sure its been uttered. A Sky Blue Collar worker does both white collar and blue collar work.

The next TV Star Trek engineer must have an India Accent

Because of ratings. Scotty to O'Brien to Gupta, play it out in your head. Also it could use a Zen like Tibetan or Aussie Aboriginal like captain.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Baltic Sea looks like a Fairy

The Baltic fairy is sitting cross legged facing Scandinavia. Her wings are touching the shores of Estonia and Latvia.

Ceres is likely to have a moon, plus its moon may even have its own mini-moon

Ceres is 5th planet from the sun in between Mars and Jupiter. It is a dwarf planet. I'm willing to put money down that it has a moon. It's in the asteroid belt after all.

Furthermore since it is so small it has the highest potential for its theoretical moon to have its own natural satellite.

It's nice to only have a Bachelor of Science because PhD people can't explore issues without ruining their reputation.

New Team for Los Angeles - the SEA LIONS

If Los Angeles gets a new NFL team they should be called the Sea Lions. The male Sea Lion is the epitome of linemen - offensive and defensive. Likewise the winner takes it all in combat for both.

Mozambique looks like a seal juggling balls

Mozambique looks like a seal juggling small balls. The balls would be Lesotho and Swaziland. You have to turn the map upside down to notice.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kyoto Prefecture looks like a Seahorse

When you flip it upside down. Take a look.

Evolution of flying theory, fish theory

Perhaps flying fish became the first vertebrates to colonize the air, to avoid predators? Scales to feathers? Are there any fossils? I know this sounds fishy but I'm serious. The body plan of a fish is already suited for flying. And no predators to worry about. Except maybe insects. Or perhaps the ancient flying fishes ate the flying bugs?

Think about it.

New Paradigm - Fish to Bird?
Fish to Dinosaur to Aquatic Dinosaur to Bird?

Old Paradigm - Fish to Lizard to Dinosaur in Tree to Bird?

Note the flying fish in this video only hovers above the water. Modern flying fish don't go any higher because a bird would certainly eat them. But if there were no birds in the air yet any brave fishes that jump in the air wouldn't worry, and fly up and higher. This would explain why flying fish don't fly any higher - because bird'zl eat'm up.

New element in rock paper scissors game - OIL

Oil is represented by having all your fingers spread out like jazz hands. Oil beats scissors but not paper. Paper absorbs oil. Ties with rock and self.This element was first created around 1984 at McGuire AFB, NJ at Hercules Trailer Park near the blue caterpillar monkey bars with Bruce and Kareem.


When people flip out over the pronunciation of their name or other word. The immature child got angry and went on a rant because the substitute teacher said his name wrong. In other words the student had a phonniption. A phonniption is a conniption caused by not understanding the complexities of English.

Pennsylvania looks like an open hand to for shaking

Michiganese Americans use their hand facing upwards to represent their state. Sometimes as if it were a mitten, using the right hand. Likewise Pennsylvania can be represented by the left hand. Philadelphia is at the fingertips in between the pinky and ring finger. Washington Crossed the Delaware at the middle finger so he could figuratively attack the Prussians. Penn State is just below the middle finger. Harrisburg is in the crevasse between the pinky and ring finger.

Also note you have to scrunch your thumb is semi-triangular shape to have the state appear on your hand. Thus the it is Lake Erie County.

And yes, PA and MI are what I call fraternal twins via their matching flags!

Chile of course looks like a Snake

I fairly sure I didn't come up with this one first.

Switzerland looks a wee bit like a turtle

Spain looks like a Snail

Just imagine the super fast snail from the Never Ending Story - Spain is like an ancient wise snail but don't be fooled into thinking its a slow poke.

Loas looks like a Palm Tree while Cambodia looks like the Coconut that fell from it

Laos and Cambodia have many coconut plantations. They are tropical nations right next to each other.

Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) look like two elephant heads fighting

Thailand and Myanmar are similar but very different. They happen to look like to Elephant heads wrestling. Both nations are home to the small, friendly and semi-domesticated Asian Elephant.

Fukuoka Prefecture looks like a mushroom

Fukuoka the most populous 'state' in Kyushu looks a lot like a mushroom. It's because of Kyushu that my heart leveled up, like Mario.


Osaka Looks like a Crescent Moon

Osaka-fu 'prefecture' looks like a crescent moon? Did anyone ever notice?

Canada looks like an 'upside down' Yak

Canada looks like an 'upside down' Yak, if you ignore the polar islands. The horns are in the Southern Eastern part. A Yak is basically a 'Wooly Bison.' If the Yak had went extinct it would have become more famous like the Wooly Mammoth. You don't know what you got till its gone.

If you don't like Yak then how about a Yorkie?

Cuba looks like a Shark or maybe a Whale?

From a US point of view Cuba looks like a Shark with its mouth open, ready to gobble the Bahamas, but from the Jamaican point of view it looks more like a Whale.

Its all how you look at the situation and whatever your political point of view is, I suppose.

The Mediterranean Sea looks like a fish

The Mediterranean Sea looks like a fish, a seahorse but its tail has been cut off as the Red Sea.

The USA looks like an anteater or armadillo

Flip the map of the lower 48 states upside down. What do you see? An anteater or an armadillo? Maybe something else?

I first came across this discovery in the spring of 2004 at Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047 - at the Shady Brook Mature Adult Community.

Russia looks like a Walrus! Russia is shaped like Walrus!

Kamchatka is the tusks while the caucuses are the back fin-legs.

Russia is big and powerful nation adapted to the cold, just like the Walrus. They look mean but are actually very intelligent and caring creatures - both of them.

Western Asia or the Middle East looks like a Camel

The Middle Eastern or more aptly The West Asian Camel

Just look at the Islamic nations. Arabia, Pakistan, And central Islamic Asia.

You can buy the fuzzy camel here at this website

Jordan looks like a camel sitting down

It's fate my friends.

Vietnam looks like a cobra snake

The cobra bit France then the USA and its old freinemy China. Respect the snake because you can't control it.

The Philippines looks like a sea turtle

Use your imagination.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

M&M, Skittles, Reeces Pieces candy gun!

This candy gun is rubber band loaded. It is to be used to shoot at obnoxious movie theater guests that can't keep their pinehole shut, use cell phones, or bring in noisy bags of food.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Solo Pool/Billards Game "Bottom of the Ninth"

Bottom of the Ninth is a game for solo play on a typical American Pool Table.

This game is based on the Bottom of the 9th inning in American Baseball. Imagine you are the last batter in baseball with two outs. Each shot counts as a swing. Thus you must sink a ball within three shots. If you do not sink a colored ball within three shots the game is over and try again. The one rule is that you can not hit the same colored ball two times in a row, unless it hits another numbered ball via a ricochet. The game ends when there are two balls left on the table - the cue ball and a numbered ball.

If this is too difficult you can play Bottom of the 9th by starting with no outs. This gives the solo player two chances. When the player fails to sink a colored ball in three shots then it is an out. The player has a total of three outs.

This game was invented by me, sometime in the mid to early 1990s in Tyler Walk Housing community - Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Sunday, January 1, 2012