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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Your Egg Genesis Chinese Zodiac Sign

Did you know....... that you have another birth date? It deals with the genesis of the egg that you 'hatched' out of?

Which came first the chicken or the egg? I don't know but the fact remains that your Egg that was you came first before your Sperm.*

We have an egg genesis date that is in sync with our mother's birthday. This means that the first cell that became you arrived in this universe a few moths before your mother was born.

When do you measure the beginning of your life? At the moment of birth, conception? Maybe at the first cell to become you? Meaning at creation of the egg and sperm that was essentially your first step in existence? They are all valid dates of your birth/genesis. But the first cell to form that was different from either of your parents that eventually became you was the EGG.

Statistically speaking - your mom may be younger than your dad, but when we factor in the Egg Genesis Date. Your mom may be older than your dad, with certain qualifiers.

Basically all the eggs a woman carries in her lifetime come into reality while she is still in the womb. Thus all brothers and sisters from the same mother have nearly the same egg genesis date.

What this means is that we can easily determine your Chinese Zodiac, for most people unless your mother was born in May or June, because that would put them on the cusp of the Zodiac Calendar. But nonetheless the formula for figuring out your Egg Genesis Birthday is about 4 months minus your mothers birthday. With that information you can easily figure out what year or sign your 'Egg' was created under.

*Unless you were a test tube baby and the donor sperm is older than your maternal Grami's regular birthday!