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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Southern Circle of Sculptor

This is a special line of latitude at nearly 27.3 degrees south. It is where the Milky Way's south pole appears directly overhead from Earth's point of view.

The Northern Circle of Coma Berenice

This is a special line of latitude at 27.3 degrees north. It is where the Milky Way's north pole crosses the sky directly overhead.

The Sub-Tropic of Auriga

The "Sub-Tropic of Auriga" is a special line of latitude for the northern hemisphere. It is at this latitude, 28.9 degrees north, that our view of Milky Way's Outer Rim is directly overhead.

The Sub-Tropic of Sagittarius

The "Sub-Tropic of Sagittarius" is a new line of latitude that marks the overhead of the Milky Way's Inner Core. It is at approximately 28.9 degrees south.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unmarried Male Prefix - Mys.

Myster "Mys" is the male equivalent to Miss. Former US President from Pennsylvania would have been Mys. Buchanan, in addition to Mr. Buchanan.

Men Finally Can Get A Mrs. Label

But instead it'd be Msr. Jones. Msr meaning 'a man is married'. It is the male equivalent to Mrs. Example being, George Bush and Bill Clinton - they can use the Msr. abbreviation. Thus former US presidents can be addressed as Msr. Bush and Msr. Clinton, since they are married, in addition to the long established Mr. Bush and Mr. Clinton. In this case you can think of Msr. As meaning "Monsenior" which is now an English hijack word, in order to balance "Mrs. with Msr."

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Easy Plan To Land Humans On Mars

Step one: send lots of water, food, fuel and batteries to pre-destination spot on Mars, with ready to return home rocket. Step two: send more stuff to Phobos. This will be a natural satellite that won't decay in orbit anytime soon. Step three: send people when everything is all ready to go! Could have been done ten years ago.

Why Didn't They Park Old Space Stations On The Moon?

It cost so much money to get it up there, why couldn't they park Mir and Skylab on the moon and jam it with spare parts? Future Generations would have been grateful.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


When three tables at a restaurant all leave at once or right after eachother, like magic. And they don't know eachother. You can feel the pull away to leave at once.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Queucinicity - New WORD

The uncanny phenomena of people to line up at the same time. All US store clerks should be aware of this phenomena. The word is based on queue.


A type of coincidence when you park another car parks next to and mirrors what you do. If you organize stuff in your car the person next you does the same. If you get out they get out.