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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A proposal for a standard metric pronunciation of English?

Potato vs Potatoe, Soda vs Pop, Colour vs Color,

English is a very irrational language. A few years ago there was a 'joking' call for a standard spelling system called Euro-English, due to the inherent disorder found in English.

Even Ben Franklin tried to invent a few new letters to make spelling more easy. He was on to something...but everyone laughed at his idea.

Aussies, South Bound Yanks, Canadians, Scottish, and Kiwis have they own way of sayin' words - it'd be easier to leave the spelling alone and come up with auxiliary way of reading a word no matter how you spell it! It'd be the Metric English Pronunciation.

Thus color or colour dosen't matter - but when pronounced with Metric English rules you'd know how it was spelled since Metric English Pronunciations would account for the difference!

Call me crazy, but it's easier than trying to make a society alter their spelling methods. I once met an Canadian who threatened my life for my 'American Spelling' of humor with out the U.

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