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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Belated Neptune 2

For more than a year we have been in Neptune 2 since 2010.

Neptune is the natural human living memory moment planet. Whereby information and knowledge is naturally passed down in living from the oldest living great grandparent unto the youngest great grandchild. Thus any personal knowledge felt and passed on by a human experience in 1846 has been lost. Basically 164 years after a historical event, the memory of a living witness will forgotten. Thus in the year 2165 people will have totally forgotten the bitter-sweet bite of 9/11. Likewise in 2029 the living human to human sense of the US Civil War be lost to paper, picture and media only. The last memory-embers of the US Civil War will burn out in 2029.

Remember the Maine or get emotionally? Or any grand tragedies from the 1600s, 1500s or 1400s?

Thus after one year on Neptune all considerations and witness will be gone. Interestingly most copyright laws follow a one year cycle of Neptune of 164 years - which is a human lifetime plus two or three generations.

So in the Second Era of Neptune you'll able to copy and make money on movies made up till now have made in first Era of Neptune! Unless the creator somehow has been cybernetically advanced to live more than 164 years - since some copyrights last a lifetime. Who knows? In the Second Era of Neptune people will certainly be able to figure out how to live longer than 164 years!

2115 will certainly be a groovy year.

ERA OF NEPTUNE I : 1846-2010

ERA OF NEPTUNE II: 2015-2175
- Magic and science seem no different from a Neptune I point of view. Thus angels, aliens, holograms, humans, and AI can easily confuse each other.
- Video Games are soon to overtake free time dollars more so than the NFL, Hollywood, or Music Industry. Rather they will all be integrated into one brainwave interactive magical experience.

- The human form is shed or mixed molecule by molecule into a complex biologically-computer-AI integrated organism. Humans no longer 'look' human from a Neptune I point of view. But 'humans' will be able to take vacations all around the solar system.

- Jeeze what a wonderful world!

ERA OF NEPTUNE V: 2505-2669
- Wow all the big questions in history are revealed?

ERA OF NEPTUNE VI: 2669-2834
- It must be nice, I bet the Martians have forgotten their Earthling Heritage. Likewise many Americans have forgotten their Old World traditions.

- With all the aliens visiting earth, who knew they were already here!

- I hope modern art is more interesting or at least more educational by now.
- We can visit other galaxies, no probrobelemo

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