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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Duck Duck Eagle - a Modified version of Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Eagle is played like Duck Duck Goose. But there is a slight difference.

Instead of saying 'GOOSE' when a person is chosen for the chase, you are supposed to say 'EAGLE.'

But the chosen person (EAGLE) does not start chasing the chooser right away. The 'EAGLE' is supposed to stand up and point the person across the circle sitting down and choose them as the 'BEAGLE' by saying 'BEAGLE.'

The the kid who originally chose the 'EAGLE' is supposed to walk around the circle and hi-five the BEAGLE and say 'EAGLE-BEAGLE' as their hands meet. The 'BEAGLE' stays put, that kid only serves as the starting point for the chase.

Now the chase can begin! And from either side - clockwise or counterclockwise.

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