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Saturday, June 16, 2012

New American Holiday - Mars Week - August 11 to August 18

Asaph Hall
An American who discovered two new worlds

August 12 is Diemos Day while August 18 is Phobos Day. These are holidays commemorating the discovery of the moons of Mars.

Why a holiday? Because an American discovered them - Asaph Hall from Connecticut, 101 years after the Declaration of Independence.

Mars Week 2012 starts on Sunday, August 12 unto Saturday August 18. We don't know who discovered Mars first - it belongs to all civilizations, but we do know that Yankee Nutmegger discovered the moons first!

How to celebrate?

THINK:Mars Flags, Movies, Coloured green popcorn, Pictures, Stories, Costumes, Spaceships, Comics, Dancing, Green Body Paint, Lazer Shows!

And of course poems and plays in honor of Asaph Hall!

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