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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Pathapazoid

The special trapezoid with four sides of a ratio of 13-12-4-3 or 13-12-3-4. Its name derives from the Pythagoras theorem fused to trapezoid.

Remember that a square is a four sided shape with matching ratios meeting at a perpendicular side.  Otherwise would be a rhombus.

But a "Pathapazoid" can be divided into two whole numbered ratio triangles of 3-4-5 and 5-12-13.  The key ratio or rather magic number is 5.

From a one dimensional point of view there are four kinds of Pathapazoids.

The Pathapazoid was named, created, or revealed to mankind at Holicong, Bucks County.  

The magic quadrilaterals with a ratio of 13-12-3-4 or 13-12-4-3 or 12-13-4-3 or 12-13-3-4.

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