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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Afterglow Points of Memory I & II

This is another point of a kind of biological memory based upon the transient four month period when a woman is pregnant.  A few months before our mothers are born, we are in cellular communion with our maternal grandmother.  It is a phase when three generations overlap on a cellular level.

Thus we have a kind of distant cell-to-cell biological memory extending to the first cell that formed in our maternal grandmother.  Basically our cells have a strange connection to one of our great great great grandmothers - the great great great grandmother up the female line only.  

This is similar to the Echo Points of Biological Memory, but that memory is based upon the existence of our first cell.  The Afterglow Points of Cellular Memory are based upon the cellular line of our maternal great great great grandmother. 

The basis of this idea stems from when our cells were alive and connected to our grandmother, and when our maternal grandmother's first cell was in cellular communion with her maternal grandmother.

An example will be helpful, lets use the current US President.  Barack H. Obama's Afterglow Points of Cellular Memory reach back to 1834, before the US Civil War.

Note that Afterglow Points of Memory deals with the time period before our first cell formed on the planet. Yet is extended because of the triple phase of cell-to-cell being for the four month period before birth.

The First Afterglow Point of Cellular Memory for Barack Obama goes back to 1869.  Because his  great great grandmother Margret Belle Wright was born in July 26, 1869 under then US President Ulysses S. Grant.

The Second Afterglow Point of Cellular Memory for Barack Obama goes back to 1834.  Because his great great great grandmother Frances Anne Wright was born on March 1, 1834 under then President Andrew Jackson.

So you might be thinking how does this make sense?  With any new idea, its something you'll have to chew on.  Basically since Obama's first cell was in cell-to-cell contact with his maternal grandma, from a certain point of view Obama was a conjoined part of Madelyn.  He was a small living part of Madelyn way back in 1942.  

Madelyn's cells are special because they had cell-to-cell contact with Barack Obama and cell-to-cell contact with Margaret Belle Wright McCurry.  Grandmothers are a special kind of cellular medium, making cellular contact two generations down and two generations up.

Be careful when reading this post, because you could slip into the infinite spin of things and your mind will jump the details. 

Essentially memories fade from the world, but there are points on the calendar where we can pin point when certain changes take place at quantum crossroads. 

I guess this explains a little of why Grammies are special. 

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