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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunshine Tax - It's comming soon to govenment near you!

The congressional Ways and Means Committee has written a new law that will tax sunshine.

Basically the new satellites launched in 2013 were installed with facial and body movement recognition tracking applications that can determine who is who on a beach or ski resort.  If an individual citizen spends more than two hours per week at the beach a 200 dollar tax will be deducted from your tax return or added.  Every hour spent past the two hour weekly allowance will accrue another 300 dollar tax.

Only certain high value entertainment recreational places like beaches, ski resorts, skate boarding parks, and state & national parks, will have this stiff penalty.  Exempt from this tax are most outdoor athletic fields. But the sunshine tax will apply to private property as well.  Citizens will be allowed a 10 hour allowance per month during the winter to maintain their properties and 15 hours per month during the summer, spring, and fall months. The private property personal sunshine tax will be determined by a ratio of property value times a set fixed percentage between 3-8 percent as decided by the local government. 

Sites exempt from the sunshine tax include roads, golf courses, private yachts, registered sports arenas - except when hosting musical and artistic events - in those cases the tax allowance will accrue double time, and 10 miles off the coastline.

Representative Graham of New Jersey said, "Feel free to play and run outside when it's cloudy or raining.  But when there is sun, be mindful of your time." New Cell phones manufactured after 2015 will be required to have industry standard biogenic tracking software and a solar monitor application that will let users know how much sunshine they have left before sunshine taxes start to accrue. 

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