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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Alternative Name for Triangle - The Triaderal

Better yet why not call a quadrilateral a qaudriangle? Or maybe Quadrigon?
A five sided object is can also be called a Pentalateral can also be a Pentangle?
How does maybe a Triagigon or Trigon sound for triangle?
Hexagon can also be a Hexiangle or Hexerlateral!
The famous Octagon, American Stop, Sign can also be called an Octiangle or a Octalateral!

There is the theoretical closed Biangle that only exists in high dimensions or rather the Bilateral.  Closed Biangles shapes don't exist in our universe, except for maybe Pac-Man's tunnel.

Maybe Diangle, Diagon, or Dilateral is better? Likewise there is the invisible Monoangle which can be called a Monogon or Monolateral, and you have to be in "God-Mode" to understand that. Unigon, Unilateral, and Uniangle are additional names for the Monogon.  They really do exist, more so than the Great Pumpkin.   

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