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Friday, April 24, 2015


Interference + Synchronicity = makes a new word. This happens when two or more things happen at the same time that blocks a due event. An example of this is when, the UPS man came into the store and asked if anything needed to be picked up, but at that moment the cashier said, "No, we don't". But the cashier was talking to a customer if they had a particular type of film. The UPS guy then ran out of the store since they are always inarush to meet their time quota. But before the cashier could turn to the UPS guy he was gone. Infact there was an important package to pick up. Just then, the store manager walks by and asked the cashier if the important package was picked up. But it wasn't so the red faced impatient over stressed manager wrote up the cashier and ducted her pay. So in this case, a synchroferant event took place when UPS guy accidentally heard a message that was not for him. If only the manager didn't take his smoking break, he would have been there to catch the speedy UPS man.

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