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Friday, December 25, 2015

Gracing Nixon - New Political Manuever

Gracing Nixon is an optional move for the out going president to resign voulntarily, so that the vice president gets an opportunity to be president for at least one day.

For example Bush W. could have resigned 2 days before the end of his term to give Nebraska their first president; or Bush H. could have resigned to give Indiana their first president with Mr. Quayle.

Likewise if Clinton would have pulled a "Gracing Nixon" then Washington DC would have had their first president as Al Gore was born in DC.

The public is aware that the vice president is the "safety back up president." Perhaps a gentleman's agreement to limit the number of executive orders the "Graced Nixon VP to President" can make when the outgoing president gives the reins to the VP for a limited token amount of time. Imagine President Biden for 48hrs, the sense of trust and sharing would be contagious.

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