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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Prologically Correct? Make Lower Case "L" Cursive on Computers!!

How many times have you confused the lower case L for a number 1?  

It would be logical and make everyone's life much easier, if we used a lowercase cursive l instead of a number one doppleganger.  

But making such changes can only happen when left or right wing tips get offended: such for politically correct purposes from the left...or rather snide spiteful like thinking from the right.  Remember Freedom Fries?  

If only a story about a minority group that was branded and teased about the lower case L, would we finally motivate the left wing.  

While a hippy dippy socialist peace story about the letter L would motivate the right wing to change this letter.  So that we don't confuse it, I with 1.  

Prologically correct anyone?

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