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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Solo Pool/Billards Game "Bottom of the Ninth"

Bottom of the Ninth is a game for solo play on a typical American Pool Table.

This game is based on the Bottom of the 9th inning in American Baseball. Imagine you are the last batter in baseball with two outs. Each shot counts as a swing. Thus you must sink a ball within three shots. If you do not sink a colored ball within three shots the game is over and try again. The one rule is that you can not hit the same colored ball two times in a row, unless it hits another numbered ball via a ricochet. The game ends when there are two balls left on the table - the cue ball and a numbered ball.

If this is too difficult you can play Bottom of the 9th by starting with no outs. This gives the solo player two chances. When the player fails to sink a colored ball in three shots then it is an out. The player has a total of three outs.

This game was invented by me, sometime in the mid to early 1990s in Tyler Walk Housing community - Newtown, Pennsylvania.

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