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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Branch of Government - The Forum

I always wished there was a mandatory seat in the government for a citizen leader who was blind. Perhaps one male and one female federal leader to look up to.

A deaf congressman, one in a wheel chair. The insight from a blind leader would be insightful. The forum would be divided into several houses

1. The house of Ethnics
2. The house of Language
3. The house of Religious Leaders
4. The house of Special Minorities

The house of special minorities would include a 'congressman and women' who is blind, deaf, wheelchair bound, with downs syndrome, missing limbs, color blind, a dwarf, or inter-gendered.

5. Maybe even house of careers and work? Imagine a congressperson who had over 10-20 years experience as waitress, chef, bus drivers, teacher, police officer, banker, taxi-drivers, dishwashers, etc.

However all leaders would get funding from their registered voters on a voluntary basis. No tax money, except perhaps from registered lobbyists.

These statesmen and stateswomen will have a platform and give people a leader who has walked in their shoes to look up to. She or he will really truly know something of their point of view and needs.

This congress will have certain access to government agencies, executive officers, senators, and the Supreme Court. We could also rely on these people who carry a certain knowledge and point of view that many regular congresspersons do not have. The powers may be weak, but they will have a mega-phone of publicity that can out shout the media. Their own internet channel and chat forum that will represent their interests that will reach politicians, and access to major broad casting networks.

It may also reduce the ridiculous pandering of politicians.

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