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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Echo of Community Biological Memory - Equation

The 'Echo of the Oldest Communal Biological Memory' is based upon two variables: 'the oldest record of a person' plus the age of the 'oldest woman to have a child.'

Right now this equation, approximately, puts our communal oldest living memory from 180 years ago, using the 120 years as the oldest person and 60 as the oldest mother to give birth naturally.

Thus the echo of cellular memory reaches back to when Andrew Jackson was the US President and Abraham Lincoln was in his 20s, King William the IV was King of England, Russia was ruled by Czar Nicholas the I, and emperor's ruled the earth.  In 1834 Emperor Ninko ruled Japan, China was ruled by Emperor Daoguang, and Mahmud II was the Sultan of three continents.

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