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Monday, January 6, 2014

Who is older Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton?

From a factual biological level, Hillary Rodham Clinton is much older than William Jefferson Blythe III.  This fact is due to the biological phenomena of the egg forming within the womb of the fetus before it is born.

Thus Hillary will turn  95 years old in 2014, since her mother, Dorthy Howell Rodham, was born in 1919.  Bill will only turn 91, since his mother, Virginia Clinton Kelly, was born in 1923. 

By normal convention Bill Clinton is older than Hillary by one year, yet by cellular convention Hillary is older than Bill by four years.

It's rare, but every so often a senior girl in high school will date a freshman.   

And even stranger fact if you are a woman, and your husband's mother is younger than yourself, and you have children with this man - that means the children are older than their father.  Speaking of course from a cellular point of view.

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