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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Understanding the Heart Lesson K-12 - the balance of Me Time and We Time

Every kid and adult knows what the heart icon looks like, but in reality bears little resemblance. This lesson will lay the foundation for understanding the flow of blood in the four chambered human heart and the dynamic of taking and receiving.

Create a heart and divide it into four chambers with a peace sign. On the right side of the heart students should write down and draw things and emotions that they want from loves ones and the world, while on the left side of the heart they should write down things and emotions they want to give to the others and outside world.

The right side of the heart serves to energize and replenish the blood and body. It takes - it takes oxygen from the world. The left side gives - it gives oxygen to the body, and whatever work the body does it gives it to the world.

This mirrors the political dynamics of the right wing which seems to be preoccupied with the service to self, and the left wing that seems to be preoccupied with service for others. Too much of self leads to selfishness and jealousy, while helping others too much leads can lead to starvation and fatigue. You need a healthy balance of both.

If your work day feels mostly, like simple breathing then your are extremely balanced. If your work day leaves you exhausted and worried then you need more me time, but if you find yourself surrounded by paranoid jealous rivals, you might be taking too much me time and need to make some we time.

The peace sign is important since the heart is the part of the body that works to please your whole body. The stomach is selfish, the groin is nuts, the mind can be lead astray. But the heart is true, and wants all parts of the body and world to be happy. Whether you believe it or not the heart of your worst enemy still loves you, its the enemy mind that has been led astray.

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